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Your Weekend 27-28 August 2016 A Lot of Love, A Lot of Power

The AstroEssence: This weekend the emphasis is on our own strength, and finding a balance of expression between the highly personal (instinct, idiosyncrasy, hurt, relationships) and the wider world (the social sphere, what’s wise, our ability to have an impact). 708 more words


26 August 2016 Work Your Magic With Care

The AstroEssence: The mental faculties have a genius for finding and exploiting empowerment situations; it’s almost as if we think about having an impact and we do! 526 more words


25 August 2016 Imagined Dragons

The AstroEssence: A great deal of the free-floating angst we’ve been experiencing may come down to a pair of Mars contacts this week: yesterday’s perfection of Mars conjoined Saturn, and today’s perfection of Mars square Neptune. 655 more words


24 August 2016 The Struggle Toward Awareness

The AstroEssence: We may be tempted to let our values and priorities slide, to set ourselves at odds with the social sphere, or to ignore the potential for wounding others within relationships, just to make things happen; the smart thing would be to reassess our values, if they’re getting in the way of growth, expansion, or ‘the facts’, to remember/ reconnect with Nature and our place in it, and to stop ignoring those realities that don’t serve our current idea of who we are–with this latter, deal with what’s been denied so that it no longer contradicts the Self-image. 525 more words


23 August 2016 Unhealthy Choice

Rejoice! Rejoice! We have no choice

Crosby, Stills, and Nash

The AstroEssence: I know! I can seem very negative–but then, you shouldn’t bother reading my assessments of the daily influences if you only want the sunny side of things, or if you think only some parts of life are ‘spiritual’, and others not–we have an intangible essence (the Soul, if you will) that’s having a material experience–how can everything we do…

590 more words

22 August 2016 Harvest in Mind

The AstroEssence: our attention is on what’s wrong (this has been a trend, lately, right?), on what’s dark, hidden (but then, how do we know something’s there if it’s hidden?), on the unhealthy, the destructive, and any sense of change, as it likely strikes us as decay or deliberate waste. 366 more words


Your Weekend 20-21 August 2016 Trends Are Deceptive

The AstroEssence for the 20th: we may suffer an odd combination of influences that could easily steer us wrong: one concerns how thoughts are focused on what isn’t happening/ working in fulfillment of ambitions and wants; the other is a rejection of what we know to be wise, smart, practical, or that involves a refusal to use our already-learned skills, and this rejection/ refusal is seated in some aspect of our current identity or Self-image. 840 more words