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Your Weekend 10-11 December 2016 The Real Thing

The AstroEssence for the 10th: We see reality–and normally I would follow that with ‘like it or not’–but today we’re almost guaranteed to see the advantages in our real-world situation, to perceive how we can best profit, gain Love, or create relationships within it, and we are creatively adept, and so on our game in terms of both originality and aesthetic judgment. 727 more words

Current Events In The Sky

9 December 2016 Look For The Opportunities

The AstroEssence: What we know to be wise battles instincts and those things in our ‘blind spot’ (defined as areas where we lack connection to the real-world truth of things), and actions and choices are at least in part responses to those matters we’d rather ignore, deny, or that enrage us–and that means we’re sitting on a load of emotional jet fuel, ready to launch ourselves into orbit with a sense of indignation while still managing to maintain the illusion that what we’re doing or how we’re reacting is justified and makes sense. 350 more words


8 December 2016 Headlong Into the Future

The AstroEssence: We resist preoccupation with those things that linger in the shadows, that distress us and distract from what needs to be done; we instead rush headlong into the future–at least in our own minds, if not in the actions we pursue. 387 more words


7 December 2016 Delayed Reaction

The AstroEssence: Venus enters Aquarius and feelings, especially surrounding relationships, get crossed with the intellect; emotional perceptions will lag behind real-world events, and that means we’ll realize we needed a witty retort, will get upset with what was communicated, or feel we… 615 more words


6 December 2016 Benefits

The AstroEssence: Benefits of all kinds come from ‘clean living’ (whatever that means to you) and this apparently involves pursuing our ambitions, being creative, and being open to spontaneous action. 472 more words


3-5 December 2016 Possibilities

The AstroEssence for the 3rd: We may be misguided about the intentions or actual actions of those in charge–and we clash, or we show our upset, feeling we’re not allowed to be our most creative Self. 914 more words


2 December 2016 Good For Us

The AstroEssence: What’s good for us has the benefit of somehow expanding our world, and that’s undeniably positive, though how that expansion unfolds and what it brings are dependent on a particular equation: the tension created by conflict between our own empowerment, ability to choose, and ability to translate our Will into effective change or creation, and our pure creative urge, our fantasies, and/ or our delusions, determines what benefits we receive. 431 more words