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Your Weekend 1-2 October 2016 Face It, Then Brace It

Friday’s New Moon is here–

The AstroEssence for the 1st: Inspiration, a wider world view, and the promise of reward for creative expression, all combine to cause problems! 871 more words


30 September 2016 Big and New

See today’s New Moon here–

The AstroEssence: Both preceding and following the New Moon in Libra, the rest of the 30th of September plays like a discovery of, or preparation for, New Moon shifts–and most of them will be positively productive, if not downright joyful. 628 more words


29 September 2016 Kiss It And Make It Better

The AstroEssence: is everyone out of sorts, or is it our viewpoint that’s whack? It’s a little of both, really, though if we look below the surface for the reasons behind the disharmony, we find that discord in relationships or finances is due to past hurts (or debts) that haven’t been addressed. 264 more words


28 September 2016 Healthy Living

The AstroEssence: Relationships either encourage our healthy living and practices, or are themselves a sign of the health of our interactions; that is, if we are engaged in unhealthy relationships, we’ll see that quite clearly now. 276 more words


Focus On: Mars Into Capricorn, and Regarding Pallas

The AstroEssence for the 27th, plus the Mars in Capricorn outlook: The martial is both on the ground and in the air, figuratively speaking. We see the god of war, egos, getting ‘it’ done, and pushy Self-interest vacate the volatile mutability of Sagittarius for the down-to-earth, Cardinal acting-out of Capricorn. 714 more words


Your Weekend 24-26 September 2016 Reaping Results

Secrets revealed, realities dealt with, accommodations made, results, well, reaped–that’s what this weekend (and that first week day) holds. Proportions to the mix will vary for each individual, of course, but the overall ingredient list remains the same. 830 more words


23 September 2016 Abandon

The AstroEssence: we have confidence today; for most this results in the kind of abandon that facilitates a willingness to act, that tunes in to highest values, skills, and priorities, and applies some power thinking and planning to make goals happen, but for a few revenge, past hurt (especially in relationships or over finances), and competitive concerns over status and privilege drive a destructive attempt to grab all the power and authority for themselves. 436 more words