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Cromwell - born


Oliver Cromwell was born 4/25/1599 at Huntingdon, England.  He received his education at the grammar school in Huntingdon (now Cromwell Museum) & at Cambridge.  278 more words


Born Today 25 April

Your ego can get you in trouble this year, dear Taurus, and cause you to overstep your bounds. Emotional overconfidence may be the issue, or it could be that you’ll put yourself, at some point between now and your next birthday, in an environment that values swagger over actual impact. 188 more words


Born Today 24 April

Are you going to spend the entire year, through to your next birthday, wrestling with those you see as authorities, dear Taurus, or are you going this route only until you’re emotionally exhausted? 134 more words


Born Today 23 April

You may feel unduly restricted, as if you’re always having to adjust to accommodate restrictions and realities all around you, dear Taurus, and that’s true–at least for a while, and possibly through to your next birthday, the world may present you with a large number of limiting, challenging, or even repressive circumstances, and ‘denial of service’ might become a phrase you think was designed especially for you. 123 more words


Born Today 22 April

Whatever you think of yourself and your role, dear Taurus, this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, the real-world intrudes and defines issues of identity and purpose. 117 more words


Born Today 21 April

It may feel, just a little, as if the parade has passed you by, dear Taurus, but it’s really only a brief respite you’re in right now–soon you’ll be at it, or at least thinking about it–but going forward all depends on you 1) facing those things you have been ignoring or denying, and then 2) handling them in such a way that what could’ve been a weakness becomes either a source of understanding or a source of information–and so becomes a strength. 137 more words


Born Today 20 April

You’re looking to chart the wisest course that will make for a real-world impact, aren’t you, dear Taurus? You’re capable this Solar year, through to your next birthday, of making significant alterations to your physical reality, but only if you are willing to take on those matters ignored or denied previously; they lurk, and may spoil changes by de-railing your intentions and your expressions of power, which could devolve into fits of temper and destructive episodes–and we don’t want that. 153 more words