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“N-am planuit niciodata nimic. Fac filme de peste 50 de ani. Am fost platit sa lucrez cu cativa oameni minunati si acesta a fost o mare onoare pentru mine”

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Donald Sutherland

3 Ideas that Changed My Life and Outlook

There are three key concepts I learned from Jim Rohn that have changed my life and my business.

  1. For things to change, you have to change.  

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20 January 2017 Reverence

The AstroEssence: Whether we are aware of it or not, we may revere those in power, those who have or even exert authority, and we may value any power expression we can muster, too. 520 more words


19 January 2017 Disruptors

The AstroEssence: Disruptions are subtle, and disruptors appear to carry the sanction of the social sphere or seem to have ‘the facts’ behind them–but on all sides, what we’re really seeing is a creative interpretation of the reality picture, one that  467 more words


18 January 2017 A Beautiful Genius

The AstroEssence: When I talk about a beautiful genius, I don’t mean an individual or even an individual choice or thought, I mean an attitude, a viewpoint, a lens through which we observe most sharply the way beauty, love, talent, or assets sustains our rightful place, and… 300 more words


17 January 2017 Foreshadowing the Future

The AstroEssence: We undermine our own choices and actions because of our awareness of the judgment the social order may pass on us; both eyes on the target, rather than one on our goal, one on social feedback, is definitely in order. 424 more words