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We booked rooms at the La Quinta near the airport the night before we left, not because our first flight was particularly early, but because we didn’t want to add any knots to the string of transports that needed to come together to get us all to Borneo.

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Sea Gypsies and Great Diving

Dateline: 21st to 25 May, 2018

I think I have become addicted to scuba diving. I find that, like running, it sort of gives you a physical high such as soon as you finish one dive, you can’t wait to plan the next one.  2,790 more words


Arrival in Kuching: first impressions

The Scoot flight from Singapore to Kuching landed a little after 9 pm on a Monday night. The money exchange bureau at the airport was closed  but a taxi driver accepted Singaporean dollars. 515 more words

Hotel Review 2018 - Palm Beach Resort & Spa

I found a beautiful little slice of paradise at the Palm Beach Resort & Spa when I was over at Labuan… Located at the Kampung Batu Manikar beach on the beautiful duty free tropical paradise of Labuan, the Palm Beach Resort & Spa is a seaside resort that comes with 245 spacious and comfortable rooms as well as banquet facilities… 286 more words

River rafting with the penan people.

The penan village of Long Benalih are the one of the penan village that have the rich biodiversity that serve you  exciting river rafting as transportation.First time going to this place the river rafting as our transportation was one of the most exciting thing that i ever experience. 166 more words


Gunung Santubong 2.0

I was mindlessly scrolling on Twitter one day and I saw a tweet by Daniel Quinn, Jakarta based writer and founder of GunungBagging looking for a driver in Kuching for his next trip. 515 more words


Love is...... a cowpat

What better place to go a courting than on a nice, sun-dried cowpat?  If you happen to be a dragonfly this might be exactly what you will find yourself thinking.  245 more words