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Borneo: Danum Valley Conservation Area: A Weekend in the Wild.

Asia Days 12,13 and 14

This was now our 6th day in Borneo and already we’d seen wild Orangutans, Probiscus monkeys, Tarsias and as of yesterday following an absolutely epic ride into the valley ( 1,892 more words




Aaahhhh the panorama! At the side of the road on the way to Ranau.

Borneo to be wild

Brunei is an incredible and surprising place, full of beauty and wonder, so how did I end up sleeping next to the weirdest, grossest, creepiest bastard in the whole country? 1,845 more words


Family Gap Year Adventures, Chapter 9 - Malaysia

After two months in wonderful Thailand, our visas threaten to run out, and it is time to move south. Our next destination is Malaysia, and this is going to be an experience of culture and nature, the peninsular part with its history and traditions, the cities along the strait of Malacca tempting with their stories of trade, pirates and sailors, an echo of the enchanting past still resounding in the modern world of today. 2,555 more words


Borneo to Kuala Lumpur to Bali!

So after a day of chilling yesterday, after swimming with the (fishies and getting ever so mild sunburn!) we headed to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, fully sun creamed up! 318 more words

Sedikit tentang Muara Pahu (Mahakam - stage 3)

Sebenarnya tidak banyak yang bisa saya ceritakan mengenai Muara Pahu. Muara pahu merupakan sebuah Kecamatan yang terletak di Kutai Kartanegara. Ketika kami tiba di Muara Pahu, kami langsung menuju penginapan yang berlokasi tidak jauh dari Dermaga untuk beristirahat dan bekerja – karena pagi-pagi sekali kami harus melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Melak dengan kapal yang telah kami sewa melalui telepon. 134 more words



Officially named Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace, Brunei, Brunei is a fascinating port.  For two centuries, the Sultanate of Brunei was one of the greatest of Southeast Asia and the ruler of all of Borneo and the early 20th century discovery of vast amounts of offshore oil saw the country’s affluence ever strengthened.  330 more words