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Mushroom of Borneo

It is believed – by Dayak people in Sejiram – that there is a kind of beautiful mushroom called Kulat Buah as a sign that fruit season will begin soon.


nBOSS deployment diary: week 4

Everyone had very long days on Saturday so we had a leisurely start on Sunday morning. After breakfast I headed to the Gaya St market in search of a Mount Kinabalu souvenir t-shirt and managed to find a suitably garish gold glittery one. 1,402 more words


These exploding ants burst open their abdomens to splatter enemies with toxic goo

Ants are renowned for their remarkable ability to organize themselves into complex societies, complete with divisions of labour and strict social hierarchies. Among the key groups in ant colonies are worker ants, which are typically tasked with foraging for food, constructing and maintaining colonies, and taking care of the queen ant and her brood. 527 more words


Malaysia & Thailand: 7/2 - 7/8

(Malaysia) Manana Beach >>> Kota Kinabalu >>> Sepilok >>> Sunau >>>
Kota Kinabalu >>> (Thailand) Bangkok

7/2- Enjoying Delectable Delights around Kota Kinabalu
7/3- Travel to Sepilok Jungle Resort and Movie Mania! 3,248 more words


Borneo - Turtle Islands

We all had two days off in between changing duty rotations, and so we went to one of what’s known as the Turtle Islands. The islands are so named because of the many turtles that swim in the waters around them and they are also the place where green turtles and hawksbill turtles lay their eggs on the beaches. 1,130 more words


3 days in the Borneo Rainforest with Uncle Tan's

This was my first experience staying in a rainforest and I loved it, unfortunately the mosquitos loved me just as much, but nevertheless totally worth it… 723 more words