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Selain WeChat dan WhatsApp, Facebook Faktor Ramai Pasangan Bercerai?

Tidak dinafikan lagi pengguna untuk berkongsi apa sahaja, tidak terkecuali luahan perasaan yang menggambarkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap orang lain di sekeliling mereka.

Bagi pengguna aktif aktif laman sosial seperti Facebook, Twitter atau blogger, kebanyakan mereka cenderung untuk memiliki tabiat ini… 151 more words

Kamek Miak Bintulu

New insect species discovered: Katydid

I always seem to get strange looks when I tell people that I love insects. I have a deep fascination with them and people always question ‘why?!’. 240 more words

The land of the proboscis and little transport: Sabah, Borneo

Sabah is the one place that I didn’t feel we were able to do justice. We had heard about the beautiful scenery from many people (which didn’t disappoint) but sadly in reality it was much harder to travel round and transport relied on chance and having a fair amount of cash. 875 more words

5 Amazing Islands in Semporna, Sabah

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone,

Last 3 months of our final year as undergraduate, we went off to conquer some amazing islands in Sabah. Since Semporna is known for its amazing island hopping experience, we would not want to miss the opportunity while we are studying not far from Semporna. 956 more words

Interesting Places In Sabah

Fairies, tree swingers and cave dwellers

After waking up and heading to breakfast we walked down to reception. Our driver was early and already waiting for us in reception. Driving to Semmengoh, a lot of the roundabouts had statues of local plants or wildlife. 771 more words


Wading through crocodile infested waters

Today was our day trip to Bako National Park, we were collected from our hotel by our guide, Mawi, and joined a man and his mother. 2,476 more words


Wildlife encounters at the SAFE project on Borneo

Timm returns to Borneo

On a recent return to Sabah, Ecosystem Change Ecology team member Timm Döbert was fortunate to expand his portfolio of Bornean wildlife sightings. 167 more words