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Boromir and Faramir: The Sinner and the Saint

I have a confession to make–I have never liked Boromir in The Lord of the Rings. I always thought he was stubborn and arrogant; it’s all Gondor all the time with him, and he refused to listen to Elrond, Gandalf, and Aragorn when they kept telling him that in no uncertain terms can they… 349 more words

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#1594: Boromir & Merry



“One does not simply review a Boromir Minimate without referencing a Boromir meme”

Boromir (probably)

After the success of  652 more words


#29—“The Departure of Boromir”

The Tolkien Heads are back in action after our winter hiatus! In this episode we jump right into The Two Towers.

In a slightly reworked format for the chapter review, Nathan declares this chapter’s theme to be… 45 more words


3.I. The Departure of Boromir

Thoughts: There is no epic stand-off between Aragorn and the host of Orcs! So disappointing!

Outline: Aragorn finds Boromir dying. The trio send his body off down the river. 161 more words


3.I. Thought 27

Tolkien is a deceitful man.

What a misleading title. “The Departure of Boromir”

If I didn’t already know what happens I would assume that Boromir just decides this chapter to actually leave and head off on his way to Minas Tirith.

This is just mean.


2.X. The Breaking of the Fellowship

Thoughts: The only mention of the word fellowship so far, “What shall now become of our Company that has travelled so far in fellowship?…or shall we break our fellowship and go this way and that as each may choose?” Guess they aren’t re-naming the Company after all. 255 more words


2.IX. The Great River

Thoughts: Another mention of Boromir’s ill intentions, ‘Boromir sat muttering to himself, sometimes biting his nails, as if some restlessness or doubt consumed him…a queer gleam in his eye, as he peered forward gazing at Frodo.’ At least I know now that it was a growing thing, not an all of a sudden thing. 421 more words