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Refugees from the South

A Visitor after Curfew

A couple of weeks after the solstice, and shortly after midnight during the night curfew, a desperate knock was heard on the orphanage door. 4,731 more words


Top 10 Sean Bean Meme's

Honestly, not much point to talk here. This is a post that is totally based on opinion, sorry if you’re butt hurt over something. Here we go… 138 more words


Nice to MEAT you, Sean.

The field is a 1990 Irish drama film, adapted from a 1965 novel of the same name by John B. Keane about the conditions of underdeveloped 1930s rural Ireland. 386 more words


From Golden-Eye to a Golden-Drop?

When I was 11 years old, I saw GoldenEye (James Bond) for the first time. I had run-ins with Mr. Bond earlier with his… 586 more words


2001: A death Odyssey

Before you go around throwing praises at me (btw, ew! I have a girlfriend), I’ll have you know, catchy titles were always my thing. On the other hand some of you might think “Ooh, bit wut dus thees stupeed paige hev to do wit… 602 more words


Sean Bean Lives!

It is slightly ironic to put up a picture of Sean from a film where he is brutally blasted away with a shotgun at point blank range for this post. 257 more words


53 - Book Club XI - Farewell to Lorien



Ian, Derek, and Dan are joined by special guest Jon for the next installment of the book club. We conclude The Fellowship of the Ring with a look at Farewell to Lorien, The Great River, and The Breaking of the Fellowship. 54 more words