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Lord of the Rings and Zelda crossovers

Four humorous combinations of Zelda and LotR

This one I find funny because really, Link and Legolas are so similar. And they’re tangled in Christmas lights. 130 more words

Lord Of The Rings

Card Spotlight: Song of Earendil

There is one card that has long sung a sweet Siren’s song to me, yet I have rarely included it in a deck. In terms of name and connection to lore and Middle-earth history, there are few cards that match this particular one, especially since it is one of the cards in the game that actually mentions events from the First Age. 2,675 more words


May: first meeting

After some journeys of our own around the library we eventually settled, rather suitably, in the Learning Centre, for our meeting on ‘The Council of Elrond’. 905 more words

Helms Deep Falls to an Onslaught of Uruk-hai

After a hard-fought battle, Matthew and I finally succumbed to a veritable army of Urak-hai at the Battle of Helm’s Deep. It is telling of a major shift in the relative power of enemies that even when I wanted to use Boromir to make one final sacrifice, I would have been unable to even damage most of my enemies because of their toughness. 49 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG

Eleventy One Minutes....... or Brandon talking about Boromir

Welcome to Eleventy One Minutes, a new monthly installment for The Secondhand Took. With these articles I hope to continually interview Brandon about the best Hero known to all, so good that he has even found his way into other card games where he taking the respective metas by storm. 1,945 more words


April Hero of the Month - Boromir

Good evening everyone. Though we’re almost halfway through April I’m still pleased to announce this month’s Hero… Boromir, a “Prince” of Gondor, son of the Steward Denethor, Brother of Faramir, and member of the Fellowship of the Ring. 1,111 more words