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TWT: Faramir, Boromir, and the Fellowship of the Ring

In an analysis of the Fellowship of the Ring, one member is glaringly distinct from the others. Most of the Company is there out of concern for the common good, or for love of a friend. 780 more words

Tuesdays With Tolkien

Favorite Characters Part 1: Boromir

So I was watching The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and I realized something: I’m ridiculously defensive of Boromir as a character. I really am. 1,189 more words


Boromir’s Greatest Victory

Those of you who have been paying attention during the podcasts so far have probably noticed that the passages I am often drawn to (or at least the ones I’m drawn to… 1,319 more words


Actor Sean Bean's video game character can't even survive Civilization VI's trailer

What does Boromir of Lord of the Rings and Ned Stark of Game of Thrones have in common? They are both portrayed by actor Sean Bean. 101 more words


Boromir: The Misunderstood Hero?


     Tolkien’s most famous novel The Lord of the Rings displays a multitude of characters, but probably no other of them is as controversial as Boromir. Many readers hold the view that Boromir was the only one truly complex character in this mostly strictly polarized novel. 6,502 more words


The Last Goodbye- Farewell to a Saga

If you are reading this, then it’s over. Changing History, the fanfiction saga that has encompassed my life for the past 15 years (off and on) is finally complete. 286 more words


Day 416: Boromir (Sean Bean)

Day 416: Boromir (Sean Bean)

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So, today we move from the Discworld to Middle-earth where I’ve chosen to draw ?Boromir who was played by one of my favourite actors, Sean Bean (it’s crazy to think that these films are now as old as they are). 172 more words

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