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The Betrayer of the Fellowship and the one who makes the story interesting because he makes it possible for there to be scenes without Frodo in them, Boromir became a meme by suggesting that one does not simply walk into Mordor, even though every character except him, who has been dead for some time by then, does exactly that, just strolling into Mordor. 8 more words


54 - Book Club XII - The Departure of Boromir



Ian, Derek, Matthew, and special guest Electronjon get started with The Two Towers, discussing The Departure of Boromir, The Riders of Rohan, and The Uruk-hai. 53 more words


J. R. R. Tolkien: The Quest For the Motherless Heroes

The hero or heroine orphaned by their mother is probably as old a plot device as the story-telling itself. However, it may actually be used to achieve many effects – not just to create a tragic setting or to evoke compassion in the audience. 966 more words

Frodo Comes to the Rainforest

Guys, I’m torn. On the one hand The Lord of the Rings will be a series on Amazon. On the other hand, it probably won’t have any of the original movie cast. 245 more words


#24—“The Breaking of the Fellowship”

Not even the Ring can hide Frodo from the all-seeing eye of the reader as we follow him out of a dangerous situation to the top of Amon Hen. 47 more words


Farewell to a Fish

Farewell to a Fish

Oh, Faramir, your lot was clear: to bring us golden bliss.
Six weeks, alas, would scarcely pass ere something went amiss.

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Refugees from the South

A Visitor after Curfew

A couple of weeks after the solstice, and shortly after midnight during the night curfew, a desperate knock was heard on the orphanage door. 4,731 more words