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Locking down innovation

A simple meme, but it illustrates this weeks discussion about the ideologies of locked appliances and generative platforms. ┬áSince the days of the first iPhone in 2007… 150 more words


Faramir's Vision

I sat at night by the waters of Anduin, in the grey dark under the young pale moon, watching the ever-moving stream; and the sad reeds were rustling. 198 more words


The science behind memes

Ahh, gotta love memes these days… It’s a social phenomenon that the new generation has already gotten used to. But let me just recap what a “meme” is for those who might not be entirely sure. 517 more words

Social Psychology

Copyright and fair use: What does it meme?

Originally I was going to use an original image to explain the…rigidity…of modern copyright law.

But then I realised the marvelous irony in using an image which may in fact breach copyright. 184 more words



Bilbo sings:
The Road goes ever on and on,
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can, 326 more words



Come on here and blog… o_O

I should really be doing work because it’s due in on Friday but lordy lordy I just can’t for the life of me… 338 more words

Life As Ri

Season 8 Episode 10 - The Breaking of the Fellowship


  • Frodo dreams of Gandalf and the balrog atop an endless stair, a frozen mountain peak.
  • Boromir starts to stare at Frodo often.
  • Sam and Frodo notice Gollum following in a log.
  • 450 more words