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The Borax-Boron Conspiracy – where are the double-blind studies?

I have stuck with the story of using conspiracy and it was the title of an important essay by Dr. Walter Last.  It has in medicine, the term conspiracy, a very negative effect as over the years people have claimed that sand magnetism has improved illnesses and they have been proven to be charlatans. 917 more words

The reason why...

This blog was stimulated to present research on natural agents.  Over 10000 people have viewed some or all of the articles.  Neither of us that produce this blog have any financial interest in any products mentioned in this blog and no conflict of interest regarding the information supplied. 235 more words

Possible mechanism for Boron Inhibiting the Development and Spread of Cancer?

Over the past few years, there have been a number of suggestions that Boron might inhibit particular cancers especially prostate.  The observation that Boron strengthens cell walls and prevents intrusion maybe the mechanism if it’s effect on cancer is defined. 14 more words

Smorgasbord Health Column - Nutrients the Body Needs - Choline, B8- Inositol, Bioflavonoids, Co-Enzyme Q10, Trace Elements

In previous posts I have featured the most essential of the nutrients our body needs to be healthy..there are a few more that need to be added to the list including Choline that was only added to the list for daily health in the late 1990s. 845 more words

Health And Nutrition At Any Age

Stop feeling tired in the middle of your day!

If you always feel exhausted in the middle of the day, you might need a boost of boron. That’s a mineral that gets our brain fired up, so we produce more energizing brainwaves. 55 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

Swedish crown jewels object of smash and grab, mystery of blue diamond solved

Swedish police reported on Tuesday that thieves performed a smash-and-grab robbery at the medieval Strängnäs Cathedral, near Stockholm, making off with jewel-encrusted gold crowns dating to the early 1600s before escaping in an open-top speedboat.  879 more words


Boron needs a place in the sun

Over the past few years, I have written a number of posts on the value of Boron.  First described by Dr. Rex Newnham.  The recent work on the effect of Boron on bone metabolism, reduction of risk of lung and breast cancer together with the effect on prostatic cancer should raise the profile of boron in the minds of physicians.  110 more words