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Emekliliği boş ver akşam harekat var

FETÖ'nün darbe teşebbüsünde bulunduğu 15 Temmuz gecesi Ankara'da bombalı saldırı gerçekleştiren F-16 savaş uçaklarına yakıt ikmali yapan tanker uçaklardan birinde yakıt ikmalinden sorumlu olan ve darbe girişimine katıldığı gerekçesiyle tutuklanan Kıdemli Başçavuş Bülent Toygar, mahkemedek… . 7 more words

First AI supercomputer: Microsoft rolls out FPGAs across data centers

Microsoft Corp. is diving deeper into the chip business in hopes of boosting its prospects in artificial intelligence.

The software giant is continuing its development of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to improve performance and provide new capabilities in the data center that started back in 2011 under… 195 more words

Daily Positive Direction Blessing

This is a daily blessing that can be said or sung at the beginning of your day to help focus your thoughts in a positive direction. 84 more words


Basic Salve

  • 2 oz. Wax of your choice (Beeswax or for those allergic to it or opposed to animal products, Candelilla Wax)
  • 8 Oz. Oil Of your choice…
  • 234 more words

Making Smudges

Gather several fresh stalks of your favourite herbs. Some of the most
Common herbs yield the best fragrances. Mugwort makes a fine smudge on
Its own. 297 more words


Mirror Magick

A Mirror is used quite a bit in magick, especially for protection. What better way to send back any negative energy than to use a mirror and reflect it back to the sender? 171 more words