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We Bosniaks would for sure fight for integrity of Bosnia. – Alija Izetbegovic http://dlvr.it/KpBkyF


Bosnia and Herzegovina


October 4 – 8 (Sarajevo) and October 8 – 11 (Mostar) 

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Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia News | Bosnian Muslims & Serbs

New Bosnian War indictments continue search for justice decades after historic ethnic conflict in the Balkans
  • After having been arrested on warrant from Serbia, Bosnian Muslim former commander Naser Oric pleaded not guilty to the murder of three Serb prisoners in 1992.
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Fragmentation as a Force to be Reckoned with

In the divided city of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, there is a memorial park for the Yugoslav partisans who fought the fascists during the Second World War. Once the most impressive of its kind in Yugoslavia, it has not been maintained since before the Bosnian War, beaten by the elements, overgrown with vegetation, and strewn with trash. 697 more words


Bosnia & Herzegovina News | Muslim Men

Srebrenica genocide’s 20th anniversary brings together tens of thousands
  • The event in the eastern Bosnian town memorialized the more 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys–including 136 recently identified–who were massacred by Bosnian Serb forces during the Bosnian War.
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