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How to install pymongo

When working with python and trying to access a mongodb, one way is using pymongo. Go to the python shell and type

>>> import pymongo… 141 more words

The GOD Particle : Higgs Boson!

The most exciting scientific observation of 2012 was a discovery of a new particle Higgs Boson at the CERN laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland. A particle was named after physicist… 583 more words


It is Fields, not particles ....

And what if there are no particles at all but only fields and what we perceive as a particle is nothing else but a disturbance of that field, which exists in every point the the space like an ocean with the universe submerged in it. 434 more words

Science Of Jotinar

Unravelling a few of the universe’s unanswered questions? Supersymmetry

Explaining the Mysteries of the Universe

Physicist Ali Chamseddine has developed theories and models that help in unraveling some of the universe’s unanswered questions.

By… 1,092 more words

Particle Physics Discovery Raises Hope For A Theory Of Everything

May 17, 2015 | by Vakhtang Kartvelishvili

The standard model of particle physics, which describes every particle we know of and how they interact, was given much credence when the… 729 more words


Lone Ranger, or, The Boson Speaks

Lone Ranger, or, The Boson Speaks

That which has no substance
enters where there is no space.

No signs of a lone Higgs particle have been detected in previous experiments. 556 more words


El bosón de Higgs: ¿Qué es? ¿Cómo se come? Sé que lo he escuchado antes…

Si no has escuchado del bosón de Higgs hay dos opciones, o has estado viviendo debajo de una roca los últimos años, o simplemente lo escuchaste mas no entendiste; y no eres el único, ya que estos conceptos pueden ser un tanto difíciles, sin embargo, te explicaremos un poco para mejorar el panorama. 508 more words

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