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Diana Cazadora

While long-time PEMEX office worker Helvia Martínez Verdayes never mentioned it until she retired, anyone who has spent any time in Mexico City (or Acapulco, or Villa Álvarez, Colima, or Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, or a few other places around the Republic) knows her:  she is one of the iconic women of Mexico. 318 more words

Ciudad De México

Double feature

The first commercial motion picture ever made  showed employees of the factory owned by  Auguste and Louis Lumière — who invented cinematography — leaving work the afternoon of 19 March 1895.  278 more words

Ciudad De México

They love him, yeah, yeah, yeah...

The Beatles, who never appeared in Mexico, had a tremendous influence on literature and culture (one Mexican radio station played nothing but the Beatles, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year for over twenty years)…

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Ciudad De México

13 September 1847

13 September 1847 saw not just the fall of Mexico City to the U.S. invasion, but also the execution of 30 San Patricio’s, at Mixcoac and in San Angel (Plaza San Jacinto, where a plaque marks the spot today).  499 more words


Where the air is clear

It’s always been considered more than ironic that the most important novel about Mexico City takes its title from an 18th century poem celebrating the intellectual and artistic freedom to be found in the city… specifically THE City. 721 more words

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Sunday paseo

I spent most of the past week (when I wasn’t holed up with the aftereffects of minor dehydration*) here in Mexico City doing book bidness, so this morning, took a paseo down Paseo de la Reforma — which manages to live up to its name on Sundays from 8 until 2 in the afternoon. 843 more words

Real Mexico

Filling in the details: Alma Reed

When I originally started writing what was then “Mexican History For Gringos” and — despire all the “challenges” of getting it into print  became  Gods, Gachupines and Gringos… 505 more words