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Ergonomic Office and Desk Seating

Job-related injuries can occur from a number of things, including tendon, muscle and back strain from sitting in an incorrect position for long periods of time.  853 more words

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The Truth About The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

The best ergonomic chair is more of an idea than a particular chair. The reality is that everyone is different and personal preference is the decisive factor when determining which chair is right for you. 484 more words

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Choosing Your Office Chairs and Seating

When you are faced with buying chairs and seating for your offices, how do you choose which chairs or couches are right?  You first want to think about the kind of image your office needs to project.  546 more words

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Leather Office Chair Review- BOS-B7301 Highback Executive Leather Office Chair

Boss B7301 Highback Executive Leather Office Chair

This Highback Executive Leather Office Chair, the BOS-B7301, has been a staple around our store for years! 201 more words

B8906 Leather Office Chair!

If you’re looking for visually pleasing, yet reasonably comfortable leather office chairs for your conference room, the BOS-B8906 could really fill the bill. Very reasonably priced, this chair has soft leather, thick padding for durability, it does sit firmly, but comfortably, the leather is soft, arms are padded, and it’s sturdy. 54 more words