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Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

An Affinity for the Impossible

Yesterday I got my review from my manager and was told that I’m more of less failing their expectations and in – perhaps only my pessimistic (though I may add… 1,055 more words


#214 - You're Locked in Your Favorite Department Store Overnight

I stand at the door, looking out at the parking lot.  Not a soul to be seen anywhere.  I sigh with resignation.  It looks like I’m trapped for the duration of the night. 

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It don't take much to feel like Pam Grier...

What I feel like
after a long work tiring work week
when I get instant messages from fans
of my writing who like it
and a guy who loves me buys me concert tickets… 97 more words


Good morning.

Lets talk about sex…

Just kidding, I don’t know you that well. Maybe later.

So yesterday I cheated, I ate 3 orders of Taco Bell nachos. 97 more words

Need Directions? 

You know the part in a movie when the protagonist is rededicated to working hard and achieving the goal. There is happy, fast pace music to mirror the productive actions and happy relationships. 200 more words