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Boston.com hires an editor and a deputy editor

Well, this seems promising. Boston.com finally has an editor — and a new deputy editor as well. Even better, both of them have high-level editing experience, digital chops and local roots.  570 more words


The Atlantic Says Bay State (Hearts) Charlie Baker

Snow kidding: The current issue of The Atlantic features this piece by Molly Ball.

The Bluest Republican

Why staunchly Democratic Massachusetts loves its new GOP governor…

445 more words

"Not a cool move:" Boston socked with snow this winter; driver peeved to find car parked in spot he shoveled out

BOSTON (WITI) — Boston has seen its snowiest February on record — and one Boston resident says his rights were violated when another car parked in the spot he had spent hours shoveling for his own use. 152 more words


A pile of Boston snow coverage

We poor Bostonians are up to our necks in snow and the best option seems to be to hibernate until April. With all of this crazy weather, I’ve been looking at different news sites to stay on top of what is happening. 359 more words


I Was Fired from Boston.com for Way Lesser Journalism Crimes Than Brian Williams

My daughter and I were having breakfast at a local diner Sunday. I told her Portuguese sweet bread makes the best French Toast. She’s 7. She believes everything I say. 1,149 more words

MBQ: What Would YOUR "Dear Snow" Letter Say?

If you haven’t seen the Dear John letter to SNOW penned by Boston.com writer Charlotte Wilder it’s definitely worth a read, and probably a share. 203 more words


Boston.com begins series on historic districts

The real estate section of Boston.com is beginning a series on Boston’s historic districts. There are nine historic districts in Boston (who knew?), each with a Historic District Commission, according to the… 331 more words