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A few thoughts on the Globe's digital rate hike

CommonWealth Magazine editor Bruce Mohl reports that The Boston Globe is about to increase its digital-only subscription rate by 74 percent — from $3.99 to $6.93 a week, or about $1 a day. 350 more words


Whitey Bulger Gives Advice In Letter To High School Girls: "I know only one thing for sure - If you want to make crime pay - ‘Go to Law School.’”

Boston.com — Whitey Bulger thinks he wasted his life. That, at least, is what he told three high school girls who wrote to the notorious Boston gangster as part of a school project, according to The Boston Globe. 52 more words


Gender-Neutral Baby Names Are All the Rage in 2015

Boston.com — Halfway through the year, baby names like Amari, Karter, and Phoenix are gaining popularity.

Last year’s most popular baby names were Benjamin and Emma, but this year the top boy and girl names could actually be the same. 47 more words


Painful Sweep

And let’s hope that Milwaukee takes Chicago further into their best of 7 series. That way Kevin Love can heal that ripped out shoulder. Maybe cooler NBA heads will prevail and the league won’t suspend JR Smith for that c’mon, the officials thought it was a closed fist. 41 more words


Critique: BDCWire is the new Phoenix

The Boston Phoenix was a popular alternative weekly that ceased publication in 2013. But that same year, BDCWire was launched by The Boston Globe as one of… 329 more words


The Globe ratchets up its native advertising efforts

The Boston Globe is joining other news organizations, including The New York Times, in pursuing native advertising — content that consists of editorial-like material but is bought and paid for. 441 more words


Re: Marty Baron on the State of Journalism

Lately, one of the biggest things I fret about is my graduate degree from Emerson. It’s mostly over money. I wonder, was it the right move to spend $40,000+ on a writing, literature, and publishing degree to find myself back in the world of technology? 992 more words