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Digital payments industry in India grow $500 bn by 2020

By 2020, the size of digital payments industry in India will be $500 billion contributing 15 percent to India’s GDP says ‘Digital Payments 2020… 60 more words


Economist Daily Chart: Measuring Well-Being

Interesting if somewhat predictable:

HOW do you measure the well-being of a country’s citizens? Looking at wealth alone is clearly not enough: oil-rich states in the Middle East may have the highest levels of GDP per person yet they lag behind the West in terms of civil rights, education and a host of other quantifiable (and desirable) measures.

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How to Revitalize Schools With Tech

When Adam Miller sent his children to public school in Los Angeles, he realized just how behind the times the institution was in terms of its technology. 895 more words


Don’t Overlook Easy Profits

If your customer-centric walk does not match your customer-centric talk, then you are losing sales and profits to your competitors. BCG has documented the negative effects of corporate “introversion” in the linked article. 229 more words

Online Shopping Trends: Going from "Go-Go" to "No-No"?

The easy growth for online shopping appears to be over, according to new research findings published by Boston Consulting Group.

BCG just completed surveying ~3,300 Americans aged 15 to 85 about their online shopping habits across 41 merchandise categories. 322 more words


Explore or Exploit?

“Growth requires an exploratory mindset,” according to the linked report by Boston Consulting Group. “[O]ver successive ten-year periods, ‘explorers’—companies that struck a proper balance between exploitation and exploration—outperformed ‘exploiters’ by 3.9 percentage points on sales growth and 2.1 percentage points on total shareholder return.” 218 more words

bcg.perspectives: #Digital Technologies Raise the Stakes in Customer Service

In many ways, digital technologies have had polar-opposite impacts for consumers and companies: For consumers, life has been simplified and empowered by devices such as smartphones and innovations such as… 667 more words

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