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(What's Left of) Our Economy: Manufacturing Renaissance, RIP

I’m pleased to announce that the Washington Post has just reported on a major recent finding of mine about America’s supposed manufacturing renaissance: In terms of the supremely important measure of inflation-adjusted output, it never happened. 629 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Travel Hacks To Take Advantage Of; No Matter Your Student Debt

Now that the summer is in full swing it’s time to grab your suitcase, say goodbye to your family and friends, and explore the world. First Paris, maybe Rome, definitely Amsterdam — or if you’re like me, you have more student loan debt that you think you’ll be able to crawl out of for the next decade. 844 more words

WalMart Helped Push Manufacturing Overseas

Now it wants to reverse that. The company is two years into a 10-year plan to buy $250b more in products from American factories. 1,241 more words


Looking beyond daily market gyrations

Getting caught up in the daily swings within the stock markets world-wide is enough to make you reach for jug of Retsina. One swig of that Greek wine can pack enough wow-power to make what’s up look down and visa-versa. 307 more words

Asia-Pacific private wealth has overtaken Europe's—and North America is next

Despite the economic slowdown, China experienced a boom in new millionaires last year. That helped push the private wealth of the Asia-Pacific region past that of Europe and close to overtaking North America. 187 more words

Huge increase in personal wealth in Oman

Private wealth in Oman grew by an impressive 35.4 per cent in 2014 says Boston Consulting Group.

This despite 89 more words