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Binging on Vacations!

I’m in the midst of long vacations, which are sometimes interrupted by Pre-Joining formalities of my future employer. Being a post graduate with a management degree has its own share of downsides. 1,219 more words


Mr. Jefferson BUILD UP THAT WALL! 

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of people, no matter what their religious belief in this country who use the Constitutionally protections extended to religious freedom in manners that the founders of our country never would have imagined. 1,378 more words


| clinical depression isn't all bad |

Hold it. Am I saying there’s a good side to the crushing, soul-sucking despair and hopelessness? Yes. Yes, I am. Am I nuts? Possibly, but not about this. 302 more words


David Dean Bottrell joins us on the Popcorn Podcast!

This week on the Popcorn Podcast, we were lucky enough to interview the very talented, David Dean Bottrell! For those of you who do not who he is, David is best know for being able to play, well, a psychopath. 225 more words

Happy Belated Birthday, Captain Kirk!

Happy 84th Birthday, William Shatner!

The actor, author, and singer celebrated his 84th on Sunday. Hope you had a great day yesterday, Captain! He is best remembered for, of course, Star Trek. 17 more words

Pop Culture


As the gloomy month of January stretches out before me like a big black stain I have been laying off the alcohol and watching box sets of the splendid… 521 more words


Happy New Year!

Just stopping by to say that I hope you all had a great New year’s :) We had a quiet night in, which worked for me. 218 more words