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The Rise of Mobile Journalism

Smartphones and iPads have recently become a journalists best friend. More than 1.5 billion people have smartphones all over the world. 75% of those who own smartphones use them to watch videos online. 416 more words

The Orangeburg Massacre: Dying for the Right to Bowl

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today we are seeing more protests I think than anytime since the the height of Civil Rights Era of the 1960s, and the protests against the Vietnam War. 1,161 more words


John Adams on the Stubbornness of Truth

Long before he became our second President, before the Constitution, even before the Revolutionary War, John Adams was a trial lawyer. Called on to defend the British soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre, he knew that truth is the only foundation for right judgment. 53 more words

Swings And Roundabouts

In a meeting with German business leaders in 1933, Hitler declared that “democracy” (i.e., actual parliamentary control) was fundamentally incompatible with a free-market capitalist economy …
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Dive into Historic Boston on the Freedom Trail

Follow the brick trail and the stops it leads to! Visit places such as the Massachusetts State House, the Park Street Church, the Granary Burying Ground, the Old South Meeting House, the site of the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s house, the USS Constitution, the Bunker Hill Monument and many more sites. 256 more words

The History Of The United States: Episode 37 The Road To Revolution Part 3: Trouble With Tea

Hello again! This episode takes us through the various attempts to tax tea on the colonies, all met with various means of resistance. The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and the activities of the Massachusetts legislature are all covered here. 70 more words

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King's Survey: Boycott Terrorism

In which we see how consumer activism can be pretty brutal

So we were talking about those angry colonists. Mad about their treatment—the disdain, the rules, (especially) the taxes. 1,644 more words

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