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John Hancock

“The whole meaning of history is in the proof that there have lived people before the present time whom it is important to meet” — Eugene Rosenstock Huessey,  976 more words

The Boston Massacre

“Let this sad tale of death never be told without a tear; let not the heaving bosom cease to burn with a manly indignation at the barbarous story, through the long tracts of future time…” 862 more words


Wanderlust Part III- Haunted Halloween in Boston

 Riding the T

Street Performers in Faneuil Hall

Site of the Boston Massacre


“The Sword & Scabbard” by Allen Woods

Allen Woods, in his novel, “The Sword & Scabbard”, delves into the history of the time prior and during The Bloody Massacre” in pre-Revolutionary War Boston.  186 more words

Book Review

The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770, and was really not a massacre at all, but it was called so to unite the colonists in hatred of Great Britain. 279 more words

Important Event

Lesson 26 - Boston Massacre - 10/22

Vocabulary Word: Effigy

Essential Question: Why would the Boston Massacre unite the colonies against England?


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Boston Massacre

This print by Paul Revere passed along all the colonies. It portrayed a scene where it looked like the British guards were a firing squad-which was not exactly the truth. 10 more words

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