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Why Did American Colonists Become United Against England?

Colonial Americans enjoyed relative independence from England until 1763, which marked the cessation of the Seven Years’ War. Prior to that time, the British government had paid little attention to the domestic affairs conducted by their American colonists. 203 more words


Revolutionary War-History

Write Up: I would say this website is very informational but, is for teachers teaching the content of the American Revolution. The website has 5 tabs at the top which include articles, videos, pictures, interactives, and shop. 247 more words

[1775-1783] American Revolution

Dr. Joseph Warren's 1775 Boston Massacre Oration

“Our country is in danger but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful – but we have many friends. Determine to be free and Heaven and earth will aid the resolution. 1,319 more words

American Revolution

The Boston Massacre

Today in History, March 5: 1770 – The Boston Massacre. American colonists, and Bostonians in particular, had been up in arms over unfair taxation without representation by their British rulers. 125 more words

An Antiquarian Artist

I’ve been thinking about commemoration—past, present, and future–a lot lately, yet another consequence of the constant interplay between what I do and where I live. I’m pretty sure my understanding of English and western European history between 1400 and 1700 is grounded in historical sources, but I’m increasingly aware that my “knowledge” of  575 more words


Paul Revere, Art Thief

Most of us know Paul Revere as the midnight rider who warned that the British were coming, but before that he was an artist who used his output to sway public opinion toward independence. 1,018 more words


Crispus Attucks: American Revolutionary Hero?

This post is a part of the “Race and Revolution” Series. By Mitch Kachun

Crispus Attucks is a name that twenty-first century American schoolchildren usually learn in their introduction to the American Revolution and its heroes. 2,300 more words