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Way-Back Wednesday: The Old State House

This week I am visiting lovely Boston, Massachusetts. I love this city, there’s a crazy amount of stuff to see and do, and a lot of it involves a lot of great history, and history is my jam. 1,000 more words


Artistic Birthdays -- March 5 (or, Pirates, Planets, and Power!)

Lately I (Bruce) have been seeking to post fine artwork by folks who share my friend’s birthdays. This leads to multiple individual posts on Facebook many days, but this column will serve as a record of the research done to that end. 196 more words

Boston Massacre

This Day In History - The Boston Massacre

I’ll admit, that this post is going to be a mix of me posting as Mary Helen and me posting as Mia. Because while looking up the Boston Massacre, I discovered that Mia has a lot of commentary about this historical event. 309 more words


March 5: "Our ears were wounded by the groans of the dying"

ON THIS DATE in 1770, British troops shot and killed seventeen-year-olds Samuel Maverick and James Caldwell, plus three others, in what came to be called the Boston Massacre. 244 more words

David Bennett and the Anatomy of a Riot

January 22 — David Bennett took to the podium in the LSSU Superior Room to educate the public on the science of a riot, and the significance of historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. 291 more words

Campus Life

Sensitive people are offended because Tony Grossi made a "Boston Massacre" joke


Grossi tweeted this out in reference to the Cavs beatdown of the Celtics last night, deleted it minutes after and apologized because GUESS WHAT?! Sensitive people are sensitive and got offended. 190 more words


Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/2 - 3/6 2015

Green eggs and ham
Sam I yams
Conrad Cornelius O’Donald O’Delli coleslaw
Who cakes
Hop on pop

In-like-a-lion lamb chops
Alexander Graham Bell peppers… 71 more words