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Footd: I <3 Dogs

When I love something enough, I usually find a way to wear it (this explains why I have a shirt with a picture of a big, juicy burger on it). 263 more words

My Frugal Life

Welcome to Franklin's Corner

Welcome!! I’m really excited about our new site and even more excited that you’re here with us!!  Blogging is new to me (and to the humans), so there’s no telling what you might find on any given day or week.   108 more words

Hamlet and Molly Madball

I’ve been trying to get these two out to play either early in the morning or just before dark in the evening. The heat in Jacksonville has been too intense to be outside for longer than a few minutes in the middle of the day. 172 more words

Hardcore Animal Rescue

Your Attention, Please ...

We were not prepared to have a young, lively, super-energized dog in our very calm house. I didn’t consider all the things that would be within his reach that he could chew, dig up, or pee on.  640 more words

Official U.S. State Dogs: MASSACHUSETTS

The Boston Terrier (Canis familiaris bostenensis) was designated the Official State Dog of Massachusetts in 1979.

The Boston Terrier is nicknamed the “American Gentleman” because of its dark body color with white markings which make it look like a formally dressed gentleman, and its friendly disposition. 332 more words


Farewells & Heavy Hearts

A Knuckles update: Last night, Knuckles passed away peacefully in his sleep and in his favorite spot.

In this life, you’ll meet only a few good souls. 53 more words

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