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Foxtail PSA for those who hike with Dogs.

**Foxtail PSA** If you live in The Bay area Foxtails are out of control more than ever, and they are turning brown earlier because of the drought. 179 more words


BBQs and Boston Terriers

Those delicious summer BBQ nights are around the corner! Don’t you love the end of the work week feeling? Barbecuing on a Friday is like celebrating the beginning of a weekend. 216 more words

Bentley's First Road Trip

My sister recently moved up to Austin, TX, which is only about 3 hours out from where I am. Of course, since she was about 9 and half hours away form me previously, I had to go and visit. 173 more words



It definitely feels like spring when it’s almost 50 degrees at 11am.  Jon and I did our usual dog walk from home through JBER. We only heard birds and saw no wildlife – but it felt wonderful to be out and about so early in the morning with the warm sunshine. 107 more words


Dogs like water?!

Not all dogs, but most Boston Terriers do!

I’m not too sure if Bentley likes water or not, but we will be finding out soon. I will be going on a road trip home soon and will be putting Bentley in our pool. 131 more words


Life with a furry friend

Having a pet is just like having  a child, in my opinion. Although, I have not had a child I still think it’s pretty similar. 245 more words


Chico's Gear * Hiking Gear My Dog Uses

We get asked about hiking gear for dogs a lot.  There has been a boom in recent years of new and innovative items for dogs on the trail!   1,241 more words