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I Wish I'd Knew



When I was 16, I bought not just one but two Boston Terriers. Everyday after school my dad would drive me home and on our way home, there is this pet shop that sells Boston Terriers and all kinds of different cats and dogs. 289 more words

And were back!

Got back a few days ago from our wonderful camping road trip! Did you know most National Parks allow you to camp with your dog at developed campgrounds?   288 more words


Summer is flying!

We have a few camping trips, as well as a couple new Day Hikes to write about : Ohlone Wilderness Trail to Murietta Falls, Elderado National Forest, Desolation Wilderness, Mendocino Coast, to name a few.   84 more words


Get In The Car - I'm Driving

Let’s go out for cupcakes, maybe?

Or, how about a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone!?!

It doesn’t matter …  just as long as it is dessert, I’m in! 72 more words



Hi, welcome to my blog all about my life with my husband and our two Boston Terriers, Clover & Collin.

We love to travel with our dogs and I have decided that I am going to start documenting our lives… 45 more words



Of all the basic obedience commands I teach my dogs, ‘stay’ is my favorite. It is an exercise in patience, loyalty, and trust. In my heart, I truly wish they could obey that command in a more literal sense and stay with me forever.

Dogs can be angels too.

I came home from a tiring day at work, opened the front door and dragged my feet up the stairs. I could hear an argument brewing among my three sons who were watching TV and doing homework. 51 more words