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Get In The Car - I'm Driving

Let’s go out for cupcakes, maybe?

Or, how about a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone!?!

It doesn’t matter …  just as long as it is dessert, I’m in! 72 more words



Hi, welcome to my blog all about my life with my husband and our two Boston Terriers, Clover & Collin.

We love to travel with our dogs and I have decided that I am going to start documenting our lives… 45 more words



Of all the basic obedience commands I teach my dogs, ‘stay’ is my favorite. It is an exercise in patience, loyalty, and trust. In my heart, I truly wish they could obey that command in a more literal sense and stay with me forever.

Dogs can be angels too.

I came home from a tiring day at work, opened the front door and dragged my feet up the stairs. I could hear an argument brewing among my three sons who were watching TV and doing homework. 51 more words


Pet sitting chronicles 

I’ve decided to blog a little about my side hustle as a pet sitter. It’s something I do part time in order to save for my Birthing Business which is my big goal after graduating from UTEP with my health promotion degree. 444 more words

Johnny Depp's Bad Week Gets Worse When An Australian Official Makes A Hannibal Lecter Joke

Johnny Depp may be having the worst week ever. Granted, he’s not facing life-threatening atrocities or suffering in a refugee camp, but in the grand spectrum of Deppness, he’s experienced a real doozy. 371 more words