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Boston’s on the run

Given that it’s admission season, a lot of accepted students have asked me to describe Boston’s vibe. Not unlike many questions that merit a paragraph-long answer, this question is also inexplicably hard to respond to. 997 more words

Marathon Monday

It has taken me more than just a few days to digest the experience that is the Boston Marathon. Even as I write this, so many thoughts come and go through my head that I find them just out of the reach of my fingers to type them. 2,534 more words

From Baller to Distance Runner

Prior to becoming a distance runner, I played basketball for many years and, as you can imagine, it involved a lot of running. I did not start running to train for races until 2013 when I was 18 years old. 1,381 more words


How fast do gorillas crawl?

It takes a special person to decide to do something that’s never been done before. Call it a stunt, call it crazy, but when someone decides to break away and follow their own path, it is brave. 451 more words


Boston dream come true


with Steve jones

start of 5k

hylands package

How it all started…

Every runner has heard of The Boston Marathon. It’s every runners dream to run this prestigious, oldest, World Major.

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Marathon Monday

Runners from around the world gather in Boston for the Marathon every year. Crowds stretch from Hopkinton to BackBay to cheer on the runners in their 26 mile endeavor. 209 more words


A Fearless Weekend

What a Weekend!

After a late night on Friday there was an opportunity for a moderate sleep in on the Saturday morning before heading into Boylston Street for a 261 Fearless meet up for race logistics. 518 more words