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Selecting the right Physio for you

Last Sunday I completed what I call my “big training run”. This is a 35km run (just over 21 miles) which is my furthest distance to run during training. 718 more words

Fearless for me

Marathon Training has been going great, then BAM! … the last few days have been interesting.

And when I say BAM, I mean I literally hit the road. 339 more words

Patriots Day

Hollywood has this senile habit of picking every major terrorist attack and giving it a go at dramatising it onto the big screen. Patriots Day is a tribute to the efforts and pains that the infamous Boston Marathon tragedy of 2013, lead to. 559 more words

Movie Review

That life is a never-ending string of Dominoes with God’s finger at the helm…

It’s an age-old question dating back to the beginning of time: is life a series of completely random moments, or a script comprised of purely destined pre-ordainment? 635 more words


10 weeks to Boston 

AM: 20 mins strength and conditioning
PM: Running club – short sharp efforts.

Did approx 1.5 mile WU then 5×0.5 mile efforts with 45 seconds rest and 2.5 mile CD for a total of 6.5 miles. 571 more words

5 Tips to Get your RUN ON!!

5 Tips to Get Your Run ON!

I’ve had several people write to me asking me how to start RUNNING! First let me give you my personal background on my running journey. 1,229 more words

Soul Searching on the Trails.

Marathons are my running passion, but following close behind is trail running. Often it may seem counterproductive to mix the two, however for me, mixing up my long runs is something that works for me. 411 more words