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The day my knee went on strike (Glass City Marathon)

Wait, a road marathon?

Where to begin with this one… I signed up a few days in advance for a road marathon in Toledo, Ohio. After spending the first 3.5 months of the year running big miles on big mountains, I wanted to see how my trail fitness would translate to a flat, fast road marathon. 1,433 more words


Did You Finish? A Post-Boston Marathon Sermon

This sermon is based on John 10:11-18

“Did you finish?”

The most common question asked after my completing the Boston Marathon.

“Did you finish?”

Not, “how fast did you go?” 1,182 more words


Boston Recap: Make a party of the process

As I’m sure you already know, the 2018 Boston Marathon was one for the books. Cold temperatures, persistent rains, and an unrelenting headwind led thousands of runners (elites included) to medical tents seeking aid for hypothermia. 1,174 more words


The Boston Marathon


Allow me to reintroduce myself and the blog for a moment. My name is Julian Davis and I ran the 2018 Boston Marathon several days ago on… 2,306 more words

Where to Begin... (Repost)

I said I’d do it, I trained for it, and now I’m doing it…

Thank you dad… for being my inspiration

I started this blog in the middle of December in 2018, I wasn’t in the best shape during that time but I survived. 759 more words

My First Boston Marathon - The Race

Living my entire life in Southern California, it is entirely reasonable to hold out hope for a change in the weather, one in which the predicted storm was pushed away by the high pressure system that sets itself up off the coast. 1,742 more words


Desiree Linden & Sarah Sellers

Those who followed the results of this week’s Boston Marathon probably already knew this was coming: FIRST US WOMAN’S WINNER SINCE 1985!

Desiree Linden