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Boston Marathon Training by an Airline Pilot March 16-22 Goal: 2:45

Total miles:-> 101.5 running, 11 on the bike.

This week was fairly hard core and it was fun and it made me tired…a little tired…..and I love to run. 435 more words

Boston Marathon

Almost there!

Well, it certainly hasn’t been the season for running.  Between the snow storms, the cancelled training races, the below zero temperatures, and the treadmill – motivation has not been at its strongest.   205 more words

The Greatest Training Run

Yesterday I had a 13 mile training run. It is amazing how excited I was to be only running 13 miles. Just last summer 13 miles seemed like such a stretch goal and now it is just a quick training run. 269 more words

March 9 - 15, 2015 Boston Marathon Training for a 2:45 by an Airline Pilot. 

Weekly Totals: 98.5 miles of running, 30 miles bike

This week comes after running a 2:50 marathon on Sunday at the Lower Potomac River Marathon (running a sub 3 in every state) and a 92.5 mile week. 409 more words

Boston Marathon

19 miles and 37 days

“There are friendships that have been forged by dedication and by pain, by defeat and by accomplishment, by mud and by sweat, by laughter and by tears. 620 more words

Base Training

What is base training?

Why is base training important?

Do you get injured a lot?

Do you want to be a faster and stronger runner? 1,109 more words


“It pains me to continue but it hurts much worse to stop”

For any of you who have been following me, you know that I am trying to overcome runner’s knee. 410 more words