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We’ve all heard the complaints.  2016 was no joke when it came to the amount of horrible things that seemed to just keep happening.  I have to say, for me personally I don’t think I could say it was horrible.   549 more words


Hills are hard, and other Christmas revelations 

So Christmas Eve was a bust , from a run perspective, with crazy rain and sleet (of course only up until we had to leave the house to head for holiday celebrations with family!)  I was conflicted (and antsy!) all day about whether to just suck it up and head out for a run in the rain.   435 more words


Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes...

Today our Race for Rehab team braved the first snow storm of the season for our first team run! I ended feeling a bit discouraged, as my runs recently have not been my best but have at least been feeling good.   346 more words


The Boston Marathon: My 2016 Experience and Why This is the Only Run that Really Matters!

When I was 6 or 7 I lived in the San Francisco Bay area.  My father was busy as a mechanical engineer working as a mining consultant and traveling the world over helping with preventative maintenance of large equipment.   1,209 more words


Training by perceived effort.

In today’s world of technology and gadgets so many people get focused on buying more gear and then focus training, racing and so on around the technical data things like power meters, heart rate monitors, GPS watches and so on produce. 824 more words

You either want it, or you don't! You either make excuses or you don't!

Happy Saturday, I just finished my long run for the week as many runners most likely did as well. I’m in a base building phase right now before my serious training begins in a few weeks. 754 more words

First blog post

This is me last year(2015), at the Harbor Lights Half Marathon, where I ran the fastest race of my life.  I averaged 6:24 min/mile for the 13.1 race and placed first in my age group and 24th overall.   209 more words