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Living Out of and in a Suitcase

I try not to complain about how much I travel for work because 1.) the ability to travel freely is a privilege denied to many and 2.) less than three years ago I was jobless, burning through my savings and living in a roach infested apartment to save money while we got our feet back under us. 146 more words

Sea Fox.

Today we went down to the ocean. It was another beautiful warm day in Boston so there is no other good way to spend your day then by the harbor. 179 more words

house of b o s t o n.

sometimes having a dog isnt all its cracked up to be.. they are a l o t of hard work (of course not like having actual children, but still) and its your responsibility to take care of + provide for this little living thing. 290 more words

bettering my f u t u r e.

im going back to school, on the sixteenth of february! i’ve decided to better myself, not just for me but for my family, boyfriend, bentley and future babies! 215 more words

fire meet gasoline.

when two worlds collide you never really know what to expect, “worlds” obviously meaning people and their lifestyles. Some people have their little “habits” (and I actually dislike using that word in that term) from biting their nails to mine.. 557 more words

Happy New Year

Every year I ask a friend of mine to photoshop Oscar into a current events photo for New Year. Here’s our 2017 new years card… wishing you and yours a royally awesome new year!

goodbye 2016.

Well here we are again, New Years Eve. such a magical time when one year is leaving a whole new one is upon us. so, a few hours ago I was supposed to be hanging out with all my friends and family but 2016 felt like kicking me in the metaphorical balls one last time.. 597 more words