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Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day to my best friend. I’m about to take Oscar to the neighborhood dog store to buy him some doggie ice cream in honor of the day. 13 more words

Getting Older

As Oscar gets older, I dread his annual vet visit. I knew that Oscar was starting to show signs of cataracts and I randomly met a woman who was telling me about her Boston Terrier who is now 14 (Oscar is 11). 173 more words

Is that Poop in the Fridge?

Is that poop in the fridge?

That was the actual text I got from Robinson. Oscar was due for his annual vet appointment and the vet clinic asked me to bring in a stool sample. 78 more words

La Belle by Olizwell

I don’t know how I feel about this, but I wasted so much time editing it that I figured I should upload it. I also just noted that the automatic Flickr tags added "people" and "indoor." Well, jokes on you Flickr because I took this outside and this is a dog. 8 more words


Catching Up and Changing up

So yes things have been a little quite on the blog front. We have been busy and its kind of taken a sideline as these things do. 654 more words


Facebook Friday

My Facebook post from April 4, 2015:

April 4 ·

Oscar and I are both sick today. One of us from a bad cold and the other one from eating food off the sidewalk last night. 24 more words