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Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

My good friend Lien and her husband promised their two sons a beagle puppy. Their youngest son was determined to name the puppy Oscar.

Lien texted me and said they tried to suggest other names, including Smiley Faced Spider, an insect her kids are obsessed with, but her son was insistent the name would be Oscar. 43 more words

Oscar's First Photo

Before Oscar came to be my dog, his breeder sent me this picture of him. It was love at first site. I printed a copy of the picture and carried it around with me. 28 more words

He Made His Name Known in South America, Too!

Last month I wrote about Oscar’s fame in Minneapolis, Pulling up and re-reading that old news article about Oscar and our pending move to Bogota brought back some really great memories. 165 more words

Happy New Year

Every year my friend Cathy helps me photoshop Oscar’s picture to a current event from the last year to use as our New Years card to family and friends. 38 more words

Where the Wild Things Are, aka Oscar the Glove Snatcher

Back when I was running Hungry Dog Designs, a friend of mine from yoga wrote this very endearing news article about Oscar. It’s my favorite piece of press Oscar has earned. 499 more words

Oscar & The Big Guy

I took the first picture of Oscar and Robinson when Oscar was a little puppy, around 10 weeks old. The second picture is of Oscar and Robinson ten years later, on Oscar’s 10th birthday.