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A Spot in the Sun

Like white on rice, Oscar knows where and when the sun is shining. He shifts his routine to be in each room that gets the sun at the right point of the day. 35 more words

What is it about the Smithsonian Castle?

On our many, many walks together on the National Mall, Oscar is particularly enchanted with the Smithsonian Castle. He will lead me to cross the street so we are walking close to it and he will stop and go up the front stairs to the door as if he is waiting to go inside. 109 more words

Turns Out He Just Liked the Cake!

We’re celebrating Oscar’s birthday all week. On Monday I made him a doggy birthday cake. I found the recipe on Pinterest, complete with melted peanut butter for the frosting. 85 more words

When Oscar Doesn't Make Me a Better Housekeeper

In one of my first blog posts, I wrote about how Oscar makes me a better housekeeper. That remains mostly true, but there are areas where he makes me less of a housekeeper… like every time I make the bed. 44 more words

How Did This Happen?

How did this happen? My little guy is 11 years old today. Full birthday celebrations will commence this weekend, but I really can’t believe it. 226 more words

My Babies!

Just had to give these two their first photo feature in a blog post. :) Harley is the first picture, Frankie is the second!

Two's Company...

Going to be publishing quite a few “About Me” posts right at first. Better start with my kids, the furry little paws that hold my heart, my puppies. 454 more words