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Outfit: old favorites

I woke up with the beginnings of a cold so I lazed around the house taking it easy with plenty of tea, ACV concoctions and Downton Abbey (JUST started it and I’m in love!) That is, until bogo hour at my local doughnut shop began and I *suddenly* felt just well enough to go for a quick treat run! 64 more words

Take that, Michael Phelps

When Oscar was around two years old, he competed in a local “Pet Olympics” event. He won a gold medal in the peanut butter lick off contest, beating out other dogs 20 times his size. Take that, Michael Phelps

Ellie and the Houndstooth

This is Ellie! She’s our high-spirited, super chill Boston Terrier who loves sleeping under blankets, eating bacon and various cheeses, and smelling all the smells with her head hanging out of the car window. 240 more words


Fattie looked so dapper today, I just had to snap a quick picture.