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Ethel M Botanical Gardens

With Thanksgiving weekend just around the corner, we decided to head back to Ethel M to stock up on a few sweet treats before staying out of the way of holiday shoppers this weekend.  265 more words

Honeymoon in South Africa Day 2 - Cape Town

Today we had planned to walk from our hotel to table mountain and then walk up table mountain and take the cable cart back down. However when we woke it was raining, foggy and a bit chilly so we changed our plans. 469 more words


USF Bee-tanical Gardens

So as I have mentioned in a previous blog titled You can BEEcome and Bee ExpertI wrote about the USF Botanical Gardens and how they house an apiary for the bees and hold a beekeeping class on Saturdays. 194 more words

Roses at the Botanic Gardens

The first wave of roses have bloomed at the Botanic Gardens here in Dunedin – they’re also starting to bloom around the city, which is making for some lovely sights and smells on my daily commute! 317 more words


Stop The Pigeon

Pigeon photographs taken 17 November 2017

Click HERE to enjoy “Stop The Pigeon” (Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines) Intro Theme.



Botanical Gardens Sheffield | 17 November 2017


Australia, Melbourne and Hobart

Great to be back in my own bed after a few weeks away. Also fab to have my old school friend Lorna over from the U.K. 105 more words