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Flora 150

Twitter can be used for a lot of things: snark, political commentary (for better or worse), and memes; delightful memes (sometimes, all three at once!). This summer, I’ve used Twitter to document wildflowers in my area, under the hashtag #Flora150. 193 more words

Honoring the divine feminine in me with this humble rosa pendulina.

Discover more about the divine feminine here.

Candour Photography

Bougainvillea Barbara Karst - the Leaf

This is a drawing of a Bougainvillea leaf – the shading is done with stippling or tiny dots created with the point of a pencil.

Water birch - the VEINS

My first posting of the water birch leaf included the secondary veins. Continuing work on this line drawing of the leaf by adding the tertiary veins. 6 more words

Water birch tree leaf

Note to self – specimens shrink as they dry.