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Flower studies 10

This blossom is still so beautiful even if it is past it’s prime a bit. Remember find beauty in everything today! 8 more words

Flower Studies

Flower Studies 7

This Boganvilla photo looks as if it is reaching out to touch someone. Reach out and touch someone today! Have a touching day!

Flower Studies

Images available on Iconella Arts

David Von Metz’s site, Iconella Arts, has four of my botanical images for sale. I’ve seen them printed and they are stunning (if I do say so myself). 38 more words


Flower Studies 6

I just love the delicate nature of flowers, their beauty shines,a nd reminds us to find beauty in every day! Enjoy Beauty today!

Flower studies 4

This beautiful orchid felt to me to be reaching out. Going for the light. What do you think? Have a great day!

Flowers and Fun little paintings

Painting flowers feels so good. They are just a wonderful way to bring beauty into your life. Especially in the dog day sod winter…so grab a brush, a photo or a petal and start painting your way into the New Year…Cheers!

Meditation Sculptures-Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

May your New Year be peaceful, and full of beauty and kindness….These Sculptures have yet to be fired. I am thinking of pit firing them with flowers and weeds…