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Clematis aristata

Clematis aristata in family Ranunculaceae. A vigorous climber, widespread, occurring in moist sheltered forests, it is also found in NSW, Vic, Qld and W.A. The name Clematis is from Greek “clematis” meaning “a climber”, and aristata from Latin “arista” meaning bristle or thorn, in reference to the fruits. 360 more words


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Kousa Dogwood… 6 more words


"Vegan" skincare made by chef, from Brooklyn - Soapwalla

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I decided to write in English and Japanese since some of my readers are Japanese, I hope all of you can enjoy my post more than before :) I really appreciate your visits, love all of you ♡ 224 more words


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I produce vibrant, textured, tactile pieces using unusual materials to add dimension and intrigue to my work. 263 more words

Stylidium armeria

Stylidium armeria,  Common name Trigger Plant; in family Stylidiaceae. Formerly included in S. graminifolium.

This was the first plant I saw close-up when the helicopter landed on Maatsuyker Island in December 2011. 319 more words