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Botanicula - by Amanita Design

When I finished playing Machinarium, I wanted more.  I headed over to Amanita Design to see if there was a sequel, but nothing yet.  Instead, I found Botanicula, another point and click adventure game.   104 more words


Botanicula (game review)

Amanita Design

  • developer/publisher: Amanita Design
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Ascend towards an unknown destination in The Old Tree

According to Steam, I completed The Old Tree in twelve minutes. Thankfully, those were twelve really good minutes spent in a bizarre, surprising world, starring a microscopic octopus-like alien blob, as well as a couple other cartoonish characters, like that insect bellboy. 369 more words


Ridding a lambent tree of every evil, parasitic creature

Originally, despite having owned a copy of Botanicula for a good while now, I was planning to experience it firsthand raw, in the flesh, during my… 714 more words


Botanicula cho ngày buồn thảm :/

Chẳng hiểu tại sao thỉnh thoảng lại cứ tự dưng gặp những ngày ntn nhỉ, buồn thảm vô cớ :(

Nhưng mà nhạc game Botanicula này hay thật :) Mình rất thích chơi game có nhạc hay ntn, như Threes, Dumb ways to die, Rayman Series, và giờ là Botanicula. 8 more words

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