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Art on Roath Pleasure Gardens

This has just appeared, no idea what it’s about but it’s fab.

I want one in my garden!


Weekly Wrap-Up: Starting a New Year

College classes started for my husband and I on Monday, so I thought it would be a good day to start full-time schooling with the kids again. 369 more words


Wildflower Stories: The Final Chapter (Horsenettle)

Plants are masterful chemists when it comes to defending themselves. Turns out, some plants build fortifications too. And these armories may even store deadly microbes for use as biological weapons. 170 more words


On Bali every flower has a purpose

One lonely frangipani flower lies at the toes of a griffin carved in stone. A monkey statue has two red hibiscus flowers sticking out behind its ears. 194 more words


Ghost Plant aka Indian Pipe

Hushed hallow ghost,
Modest in thy post.
First flower I’d seen,
Lacking hints of green.

I took this for a funghi at first glance but the corpse plant/ghost plant/indian pipe is a true flower merely lacking in chlorophyll. 342 more words


A year of the pond

It’s been about a year since we restored our pond and I’d like to share with you just how well it has developed in such a short time. 948 more words