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The Day After the Hottest Day

Yesterday, March 2nd 2015, was the hottest day in Cape Town for 100 years.  Fires raged on the Cape Penninsula and we could do nothing but think of our poor friends all over the Cape evacuating their homes, of the animals that had to be evacuated and of the wildlife on the mountains that must be suffering terribly.  335 more words


Using Plant Root and Mycorrhizal Fungal Traits to Predict Soil Structure

The March 2015 issue of New Phytologist is a Special Issue exploring the “ecology and evolution of mycorrhizas.” A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots of a plant. 950 more words


Sound Ideas: Big Blue

by Carl Strang

This week’s sound recording is another of the songs I wrote for the “Dandelion” story. That story follows a boy, Richard, who is adjusting to an unwanted move from the mountains to a suburb in the prairie. 444 more words


Plants of the Bodie Hills

Apparently I don’t have quite enough to do, because I’ve started another blog. The Plants of the Bodie Hills blog (BodieHillsPlants.com) is a spin-off from another project I’m working on—an update and new edition of the Bodie Hills Flora I wrote over 3 decades ago for my MA thesis at Humboldt State University. 206 more words