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Black Friday My Way

Shopping on Black Friday is the perfect tonic following a Thanksgiving feast. And so I was excited that my friend, J.M., agreed to join me for the venture–and even happier that she offered to drive. 551 more words


Botanical term: “Imbibe”. Most seeds can remain dry-dormant for long periods of time. When they take in moisture to capacity, they are said to “imbibe” it, or to “become imbibed”. 94 more words


Gold and Green

Antonio López Garcia
Los Melacotones y Las Rosas (detail), 1956

The Consent

Late in November, on a single night

Not even near to freezing, the ginkgo trees… 461 more words


Year of Pollination: Scarlet Gilia and Its Pollinators

Flowers that are visited and/or pollinated by hummingbirds typically fit the following description: petals are brightly colored, often red; petals are fused to form a long, narrow tube; a “landing pad” is absent; abundant nectar is produced deep within the flower; and fragrance is weak or nonexistent. 977 more words


Science fiction, stone plants, and the certainty of improbable things

Image: Lithops stone plant, UNB greenhouse, © Stephen Heard

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I love used-book sales. A little while ago I went to one at a local church, where I was amused to find all the science fiction on the children’s table*. 699 more words

Science Outreach

Plants Communicate Using An Internet of Fungi

An underground biological superhighway links up the plant kingdom and allows them to communicate.

Source: Plants Communicate Using An Internet of Fungi


June 19th, 2015… 780 more words


To Err is, 'Who' Mann!

I am a vivid reader of Times of India, the daily Newspaper. The most important thing that I look forward to is the “Speaking Tree… 375 more words