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Dubai Tour 2018 Stage 5 Preview; Skydive Dubai › City Walk

Today’s Recap

That was exciting!

For a while it looked as if the peloton had misjudged the catch of the breakaway but the dreams of McNulty taking the race lead turned to heartbreak as he was swallowed up on the Hatta Dam climb itself. 750 more words

Dubai Tour 2018 Stage 4 Preview; Skydive Dubai › Hatta Dam

Apologies once again for no stage 3 preview but I didn’t have the time to write one.

Today’s Recap

We got some echelon action with around 70km left in the stage but the section of road was too short for any meaningful gaps to be made. 1,378 more words

#BookReview: I Only Wanted to Be a Dad by Steve Petrou

Reviewed by me for Readers’ Favorite

Men Suffer Too, I Only Wanted to Be a Dad by Steve Petrou is a mirror into the head and heart of a man who is having trouble becoming a dad. 595 more words

Book Review

Are Black, African immigrants the white people of black people?

If you’ll recall, the last entry ended with the revelation of my blackness and the naiveté in which I wielded it against another black person. Intrigued? 730 more words

#BookReview - The War of the First Day by Thomas Fleet

If you grew up watching Bewitched and dreamt of meeting a beautiful witch then after reading The War of the First Day, all your fantasies would come crashing down. 775 more words

Book Review

I Have A Playlist For That- The Breakup Edition

I basically have a playlist for every emotion and life event. I’ve been making them since the early 2000’s when burning a CD was rocket science and Limewire and Bearshare gave your PC a life threatening virus or 50… We’ve since evolved (THANK GOD!) and making a playlist no longer involves 3 download days and a talking from your parents about how you’ve slowed the communion computer down. 157 more words

Book Review: Making Arrangements by Ferris Robinson

Life is as uncertain as the mood swings of a cat (that’s the best comparison I could think of) and this fact is the very foundation of Making Arrangements by Ferris Robinson. 447 more words

Book Review