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Ear Infections (Otitis Externa) in a Dog or Cat

Image by German photographer Elke Vogelsang

It’s time for a pop quiz! What is the number one reason for vet visits? If you said ear infections, you’re right! 589 more words


That ugly, seductive thing

They are supposed to feel like a dog’s nose, bumpy and slightly damp to the touch. Black truffles are the gift that keep on giving. Put one in a jar of raw rice and you will have truffle smelling rice for a lifetime. 179 more words

Life Groups at City On A Hill

At City On A Hill Church, we believe in doing life TOGETHER. Our joys are twice as great, when we have others to share it with. 73 more words

City On A Hill

Teen Ministry

Are you a teenager? Do you have a middle school student? Then we are the place for you! Every Tuesday, dozens of teens come together for worship, a great lesson, games, and fellowship! 58 more words

City On A Hill

Go ahead, I dare ya

Or are ya chicken?

Maybe you think you’re the big rooster in this henhouse?

Remember, there’s alway a bigger bird around –

Might wanna make a run for it just to save your hide – 31 more words

Photo A Day

'Demons in Seattle'

January 25th, 2016

I was surprised yesterday when I saw a short piece on Fox News about an ‘extreme haunting’ in a western Washington. The surprise wasn’t from the details about the haunting, but because this house had previously been investigated by Ghost Adventures in season 10, episode 10, in 2015. 479 more words