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Review: Elegance Medical Aesthetics

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I walked through the front of an opaque glass door into the modern spa that is Elegance Medical Aesthetics. Nervous would be an understatement as I was unsure of what really to expect. 671 more words


Vanity Insanity: Vitamin B - Botox that is!

They say with age comes wisdom, but who actually enjoys the fine lines that accompany this journey? For years I had always been curious, yet somewhat apprehensive, about Botox. 811 more words

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Anti-Aging Market to Register 7.9% CAGR in Near Future

The disposable income of people across the world is rising. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the personal disposable income of the people in the U.S. 379 more words


Guide To Keeping Skin Youthful

At 28 it all hit me. You know, the thing we all ignore and think won’t happen to us until it hits us right smack in the face. 1,696 more words



I might be needing a shot. Face lift, it is not that my facing is falling, it is a result of sun and prescription glasses combined, I have changed my sunglasses ’s lenses already all with prescriptions as I’ve tried lenses and my eye refused a bit getting itchy reddish, I might go for the lenses yet but when more in a hurry of events while it is all slow my sunglasses done are just enough. 274 more words


Watch "Botox for Migraines failed me: storytime" on YouTube

I’m learning to edit videos. I just want it tell people that if they hope Botox will work to stop their migraines, there’s a possibility that it won’t and you might not want to get your hopes up. 65 more words


Beauty Blog: To Botox or not Botox that is the question?

I can’t remember when they first appeared maybe I was born with them or maybe I was just a very expressive child, but I feel like I have had rows of deep set expression lines on my forehead from the dawn of the age of time. 595 more words

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