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Botswana - Part 4

Kubu Island – Khumaga (Botswana)

We left Kubu Island around 8 am and headed to Khumaga Wild Life Camp. Our distance to travel for the day was 300km. 594 more words


MTdrift at Overland Expo East

Overland Expo is the most comprehensive gathering of overlanders and travel enthusiasts of all stripes in the western hemisphere.

The semi-annual events – ExPo West and ExPo East – draw all kinds of vehicles and people from all over the world for a few days to exchange knowledge, travel stories, and general camaraderie. 290 more words



This is how strong women are birthed; you throw dirt at them, and they plant a seed, which grows into a flower, that blossom through all seasons.

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Giraffes 101

One of the most charming and impressive animals to come across on a safari is the giraffe. With their impossibly long legs, sweet faces, and unique patterns of spots, giraffe sightings make your African adventure all the more magical. 530 more words

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Dust to Delta

We survived yet another night in Africa, this time in a community camp where the only person for miles around seemingly materialised from nowhere, took our money and informed us, very casually, that “yes sometimes we get lions” before, just as mysteriously, disappearing back into the bush with her baby on her back. 2,697 more words


Botswana - Part 3

Kukonje Island – Lekhubu (Kubu) Island (Botswana)

In Botswana 2016 – Part 2 post we mentioned that If you have a bike or a light vehicle you can travel across the pan from Kukonje Island to Kubu Island. 502 more words