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I'M Batty for Bats!

Yes, I am declaring I love these mammals. They are smart, sweet, affectionate and very expressive. They have many different vocalizations. And guess what many of the things that bats do have helped develop medications to our species. 255 more words

The Joy of Manifesting

I love the word Joy. I hear the word, I visualize the word. I breathe the word into my chakras. I can alchemically change the thoughts of fear to Joy when I breathe and meditate on that word. 254 more words

Time to do a Give-a-way!

Hello wonderful spiritual lights of the world! I am getting back to my art and focusing on 3D greeting cards. I hired my brother Gabriel to do the copywriting for my listings on Etsy and my own website, … 70 more words

I'm Ready for Everything!

Does that cover about anything that can turn up? I think yes! I really am looking forward to 2013! it is a Six year. A year of Family togetherness, high creativity vibe. 305 more words

Playing the Good Psalms of the Psaltery

I had a wonderful day at the waterfront in the city I live in, Vallejo. I got on my Alkaline HyBike, www.hybike.com; placed my baby Psaltery in the basket and took off. 495 more words

There is Abundance Everywhere

This was sent to me from my new friend, Donna Malus, creator of the Bowed Psaltery website, Psalterystrings.com This website, I am starting to see as my extended family. 387 more words

Keeping the Laws of Circulation moving

I am cleaning out my music room to set up my recording/practice room for my new Psaltery Rose. I found some things I wonder why I saved them. 406 more words