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Big Beverage's Hired Guns pt. 2: Mountain Dew wishes and Twinkie dreams

“When you work in this building long enough, you notice things like thread count.”              — Anonymous Statehouse scribe

The House Ways and Means Committee heard a full morning’s worth of testimony today on the proposed sugar-sweetened beverage tax.

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Garbology - Please Recycle

I am a college student living with my boyfriend and three other roommates. For the most part, we try our best to recycle, whether it being glass/plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. 620 more words


broken bottle bill

The election returns are coming in for Massachusetts, and it looks like there are many tight races. It does appear that some of the ballot questions have been settled, though, including one on the expanded bottle bill. 133 more words


Mass. Voters Reject Measure To Expand Bottle Deposit Law

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts voters have turned down a proposal calling for the first expansion of the state’s bottle-deposit law since it took effect more than three decades ago. 146 more words


Drive a stake through the corrupt heart of casino gambling

Longtime readers know that I don’t disclose who I’m voting for. Yes, I’m a liberal, and if you tried to guess I’m sure you’d be right most of the time. 558 more words


How can I miss you when you won't go away?

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Well, good ol’ “Bitter Bob” Hartwell, outgoing Republicrat Senator from Bennington, has left his fellow Senators a parting gift: the op-ed equivalent of a flaming bag of poo, entitled… 725 more words

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Who's Voting on 11/4 - Politics Primer - MA Ballot Question #2

Question #2 “Expanding the Beverage Container Deposit Law”

Voter information from MA Sec. of State Office:


Excerpt of Ad Campaigns for Vote Yes on 2/Vote No on 2: 10 more words