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Oregon firsts

Here are 19 examples of times Oregon or Oregonians were pioneers. (Slideshow)

Source: Oregon firsts: 19 times our state led the nation | OregonLive.com

The Oregonian

Street Interview with Seamus

Portland, OR

“Don’t limit yourself and follow your bliss. Even if things aren’t working out, you still have to stay happy…as long as what you do isn’t hurting anybody. 108 more words


Street Interview with Cobo

Those anonymous faces we often see collecting bottles and cans out in the street make a huge impact in recovering wasted materials around the United States. 211 more words


The Truth About Recycling

As the Boston-area economy booms, buildings go up, and people have more disposable income to spend. More goods are manufactured and services provided to meet consumers’ demand. 1,355 more words