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Environmentalists fight to keep the bottle deposit law

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Redemption centers across the state are busy with people redeeming plastic water bottles and soda cans for cash.

“People are surviving on these nickels,” said Bobby Dunn, the owner of Connecticut Redemption Center in Waterbury. 194 more words


For these Iowans, the bottle bill is more than a 5-cent refund

Kans-R-Us in Perry is one of about 100 remaining redemption centers in Iowa. There has been renewed debate about Iowa’s “bottle bill” that in 1978 established 5-cent deposit for cans and bottles.. 17 more words


Editorial: Legislature misses chance to fine-tune bottle bill

Beginning April 1, Oregon’s longtime 5-cent deposit on bottles of beer and water and cans of soda will double to a dime, part of an effort to recharge the state’s lagging redemption rates. 59 more words

Oregon Legislature

Since You Asked: You can turn your nickels into dimes April 1

Since the bottle and can refund is going up to 10 cents in April, can I save the ones I have now to get the April price? 23 more words

Oregon Legislature

Oregonians could see bottle deposit windfall under bill

The state’s bottle and can deposit will double to a dime April 1.

Under a bill proposed in the House, Oregonians who redeem bottle and cans could get an unexpected windfall when the deposit jumps from 5 cents to a dime April 1. 12 more words

Oregon Legislature

Since You Asked: Bottle and can deposits will double April 1

Q: I remember reading that Oregon’s bottle and can deposit was going to go up to 10 cents this year, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that when I take my cans and bottles back to the store. 50 more words

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