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Oregonians could see bottle deposit windfall under bill

The state’s bottle and can deposit will double to a dime April 1.

Under a bill proposed in the House, Oregonians who redeem bottle and cans could get an unexpected windfall when the deposit jumps from 5 cents to a dime April 1. 12 more words

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Since You Asked: Bottle and can deposits will double April 1

Q: I remember reading that Oregon’s bottle and can deposit was going to go up to 10 cents this year, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that when I take my cans and bottles back to the store. 50 more words

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Morning Roundup

Oregon files lawsuit against immigration order, Legislature considers PERS reform and records show Bottle Bill largely benefits distributors.

Source: Oregon Business – Morning Roundup

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Editorial: Bottle bill may be ready for retirement

When Oregon’s pioneering bottle deposit bill was passed in 1971, its advocates wanted to control litter and have industry pick up the cost. They probably didn’t envision industry getting a windfall from consumers who don’t redeem their bottles. 57 more words


Corporate Lobbyists Turned Oregon’s Iconic Bottle Bill Into a Sweet Payday For Their Clients

When the deposit for returnable cans and bottles goes up, the environment may not win. But private companies will.

On April 1, the deposit for returnable cans and bottles in Oregon will increase for the first time in history. 42 more words

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Oregon firsts

Here are 19 examples of times Oregon or Oregonians were pioneers. (Slideshow)

Source: Oregon firsts: 19 times our state led the nation | OregonLive.com

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