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Your Postpartum Guide | Bottle Drama

As new parents, one of the things that worries us the most after having a baby is going back to work. Whether it’s 6 weeks or 3 months or 1 year, it can be daunting for both parents and baby. 460 more words

Your Guide

Breast or Bottle, Which Is Best?

If you’d asked me this question at any point before the last eight months, I would have given you a smug look ( you know the one, the breastfeeding is easy, anyone who tries hard enough can do it kind of face) and answered quite clearly that breast is best. 565 more words


Layla's TV Debut

So today was not your normal Wednesday – to be fair i’ve forgotten what normal days are since i’ve had a baby. You’re actually lucky I knew it was a Wednesday. 561 more words

New Mum

Breast vs. Bottle

As I was giving my 4 month old daughter her bottle, I started to think back on when I found out I had to bottle feed my eldest boy. 313 more words


Boobies be gone ...

Okay trying to stick with my idea about just getting on to post without thinking too much about it. I just had to write about the end of my love hate relationship with breastfeeding, which after 6 years appears to be coming to its conclusion. 830 more words

Shaming EU mothers who buy formula

A mother shopping at Tescos in the UK was refused a free parking voucher because she was buying infant formula.  If she had been buying beer or doughnuts or baby shampoo or almost any other product, she would have received the voucher.  354 more words

Research Report

Why is my baby starting to reject the bottle or solids?

All babies are different and go through different phases at different ages.  As mommies, sometimes we have to be as flexible as possible and go with the flow. 630 more words