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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Hire a Postpartum Doula

Wondering if a Postpartum and Infant Care doula is right for your family? You may want to take the following into consideration while making your decision. 626 more words


Water for babies - how much to give?

With this hot weather in Europe, it is the right time to discuss how much water a baby needs. Per kg of body weight the fluid requirements of a baby is much higher than and adult, but because of their smaller size they can dehydrate much faster than adults (not only with hot weather but also with diarrhoea and/or vomiting). 438 more words

6-12 Months


(Before you read this, please be aware that this is based on my own experience only. I am not a trained expert, and provide useful links at the end of the piece directing you to people who are. 1,433 more words

Frank About Feeding; Boob or Bust: Breastfeeding Grief

After a long than expected delay, we are publishing part two of our stories from the duo at Frank About Feeding. They founded their website off the back of their own feeding journeys and set up a place for parents to gather information, share stories and read articles on everything to do feeding your baby. 845 more words


Fed is best

Choosing to bottle feed my baby saved me from post-natal depression

I’ve never been that comfortable with my body. When my friends would be changing in the open locker room for sports classes, I would be hiding in the bathroom stall. 904 more words


My Breastfeeding Nightmare

A woman is standing at the front of the room with a knit scarf that has a large breast on each end. There are baby dolls lying on tables in front of each couple and 70+ PowerPoint slides covered in text from top to bottom that are meticulously read instead of just a couple of bullet points… this was our version of hell. 1,364 more words


Frank About Feeding; The Winning Formula

One of our top priorities here at Don’t Judge Just Feed is providing support to other parents. The parenting journey we end up taking is often completely different to how we first imagined. 1,115 more words