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Our first battle - The Breast!

There is so much controversy about Breastfeeding. Since reading the very first ‘how to get pregnant’ book Ive felt pressured into how I fed my child. 1,136 more words

Formula For More Sleep

How a Formula Dispenser Helped Me Get More Sleep
  • What: Container for formula
  • Why: Measure amounts ahead of time
  • Where: Amazon
  • 557 more words

Trouble transitioning from Breast to Bottle

I was told that breastfeeding can be difficult, but with help from lactation consultants and having support from friends and family, I managed to persevere through the difficulties of correct latching, the confused holds, the nipple pain and breast tenderness to establish breastfeeding successfully. 1,484 more words


Why Won't he Eat?!

As I sit here, with Harvey hooked up to his food pump I can’t help but think about everything we have gone through with his feeding… 1,560 more words


Is Breast the Best?

The time has finally come where I have to say goodbye to breastfeeding Peyton and he moves into the world of baby formula. In some ways I have been looking forward to this for a very long time but on the other hand it’s also pretty sad. 1,192 more words


Bottle-feeding beyond 16 months poses serious health risks

If your baby is more than 16 months old and you are still using a nursing bottle for feeding milk and other beverages, then this should serve as a wake-up call! 820 more words


Feeding a baby - breastfeeding / formula feeding

………. its easy right?

Errrr …. no its not. Well it wasn’t for us.

Throughout the early part of my pregnancy I was always going to formula feed our baby.   1,108 more words