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Self love

(Warning; contains nudity)

Loving yourself is not always easy, loving your body Is even harder with constant images from society that tell you how you are supposed to look. 457 more words


How I Became A Cow's Best Friend *Content may be upsetting. Discretion advised.*

I was home for about an hour after dropping my husband off at the airport.  He had to go back to the city for about a week and do important Boss stuff.  1,291 more words


I'm bottle feeding my baby - get over it!

Bottle vs breastfeeding seems to be a controversial subject and I firmly believe in a mothers right to choose. As a mother of a formula fed baby I feel like I’m constantly being punished for not doing what’s considered ‘best’ for my baby. 621 more words


Bottle feeding tips

We have had a ton of newborns lately so here are some tips if you are formula feeding you may not have known.

1. Bottles and nipples only need to be sterilized right after buying and most of the time your dishwasher gets hot enough to do that for you. 225 more words

Baby Feeding with Minbie | Review

With Chloe, I had never planned on breastfeeding this long. I thought getting to a little bit over 6 months would be good and then I’d start to introduce formula. 355 more words


Spring? ? ?

I know that spring is just around the corner because I found these in my yard yesterday.


Aren’t they beautiful??  Spring is coming in like a lion and I have two little orphans because of it.   587 more words


Weaning is a MoFo

46-47 weeks old

While the endocrinologist tells me both Tapazol or PTU are safe for breastfeeding, it’s still a Class D drug and it’s still passing through my breast milk. 671 more words