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Breastfeeding diary: our story so far

Annie and I have had quite a struggle with breastfeeding over the past eleven-and-a-bit weeks; it’s been the hardest part of motherhood for me and a real challenge physically and emotionally. 1,822 more words


I Brag, I Brag

Valerie is a dream baby.  Looking back the past 11 weeks and 2 days, I’d say I can read her like a book 98.9% of the time.   1,299 more words

Moments And Milestones

Confessions of a combi-feeder

Before you got pregnant or had your baby I bet you never thought that much about your boobs did you? I know I didn’t beyond a wishful, cursory check every so often that they hadn’t disappeared – though I think my husband would’ve let me know if they had. 2,208 more words


How my boobies got their groove back

I had to make a trip to the Hospital for a couple of nights recently with pneumonia. My husband and I decided the boys would go home with him so I could recover quickly. 474 more words

Mummies Tales

From Boob to Bottle - A Dad's View Part 2

When last we left the Boob to Bottle adventure Hattie was not having anything to do with a bottle. We had sat, tried to feed, but Hattie politely (politely for a baby) said “No thank you” and carried on asking (again politely) for the boob. 562 more words


Breastfeeding and the Great Bottle Debate

Breastfeeding. It’s a topic I have never been brave enough to tackle. The emotional minefield it presents is fraught with the danger of offending one side or the other, or both if it’s not handled well. 1,088 more words


5 Who is Telling the Truth? – Controversy over dioxin in breast milk and the likes

In early 1990s, a report from a Japanese media triggered world-wide controversy- that dioxin, one of the strongest toxins known, was found in mothers milk, several tens of times more intense than in formula. 639 more words