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A Nipple is a Nipple

There is so much controversy on the subject of breast vs bottle in regards to feeding babies. If you find yourself meandering through any mommy group online, you are bound to find a heated discussion on the topic. 484 more words

Fed is Best. 

I did the ultimate sin and gave up breastfeeding.

I was one of those that felt worried to feed my tiny baby a bottle in a public place because I was worried of those that would judge me. 1,152 more words

Parenting For Dummies

Mum-shaming has to stop

Being a mum is a bit of a minefield. You might look at me sideways for saying that, but in spite of how hard it is in general to keep a brand new, helpless human alive every day, it’s also quite difficult to live up to mum-expectations. 570 more words


Is formula safe for a baby to drink after the '2 hour rule?' 

I always wondered whether it was a ploy by formula brands for us to spend more money because of this ‘2-hour rule,’ but now that I think and have researched it, I believe our babies health is in their interests. 730 more words

Baby Baby

My honest breastfeeding story

Let me begin by saying there is absolutely no right or wrong way of feeding your baby. It might be your choice or not your choice. 1,085 more words

My Miracle {On the Eve of Having Not Enough}

Micah laid in front of me on the bed, feet kicking, fists clenched, crying. I sobbed too. Waiting for my milk to letdown. Waiting for the tingle to know that Micah wouldn’t have to work very hard to latch and drink. 548 more words

Day By Day

from first latch to last latch; a breastfeeding tale of tongue ties, nursing strikes and a lactation angel

Its taken me 3 attempts to write this post as I am still suffering a disproportionate amount of Mum Guilt over my breastfeeding story.  Every time I put finger to keyboard, I winced and busied myself with something else, such as hoovering my fake lawn, cleaning out my fridge, unpacking my post pregnancy clothes and other such menial tasks. 3,087 more words