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Two Fridays

I could listen to her talk, all day-everyday.

Olivia has become more and more vocal over the past couple of weeks. Whether it’s cooing, gasping or random spurts of energy- … 832 more words


change of plans

It’s been a tough week.

On Monday I waited in vain all day for a call back from the GI doctor, but in the high point of the week so far, Baby Guy slept for a… 604 more words

The Beastly Boobies...

I love my breasts, two fabulous melons bestowed to my body for me to cherish and my husband and baby boy to enjoy as pillows. But that’s where it ends. 942 more words


Lack of milk 

Ever since Ava was first born we always tried to get her into some kind of routine. I have found that this always works well for a few weeks then one day she decides she no longer wants to follow this and it all changes. 235 more words

Leave My Boobs Alone

OK…so jumping on the bandwagon regarding the Jamie Oliver Boob Gate. Naked Chef Oliver, has suffered quite the backlash from mothers after criticising the low statistics for breastfeeding in the UK. 989 more words


Til the Cows Come Home

It looks ridiculously easy. And it’s natural, right? Therefore, it’s meant to be – and should therefore be easy. But breastfeeding can be anything but easy. 1,223 more words


Missing the Breastfeeding Gene?

I’ve had this post sitting in drafts for quite a while now. It’s been sitting in the ‘drafts’ section of Mrs Lighty’s brain for longer still. 2,295 more words