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Why Formula Control Isn't As Scary As It Sounds

You’ll be surprised by my response to a recent article published by Dr. Amy Brown on The Conversation: ‘Breastfeeding: five ways it can be encouraged responsibly’. 861 more words


There Are 2 Sides To Every Story, Even Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding (BF) isn’t really all that it’s made out to be and Formula feed (FF) isn’t that devil lurking in the shadows either! Ask the mothers who had painful breastfeeding experiences (low milk supply, baby latching issues, debilitating back pain) or ask the mothers who fed formula milk ( ease of going back to work, moving around and bottle feeding in public places). 941 more words


When mother is away, daddy does....

My wife recently traveled back to Phoenix with 2 of our sons for the weekend.  While she was away I decided to do something on a whim without really thinking ahead to far into the future.   298 more words

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The Milk Spot's F*cket List

This is AWESOME! There is now a name for the things we really know we need to do/strive to do…but let’s face it just don’t have the time to do or simply cannot be arsed. 497 more words

The stigma of bottlefeeding in public

Ok, controversial one here.

When my son was first born I was adamant I was gonna breastfeed. I mean why wouldn’t you?? It’s good for baby, it’s cheaper and no need to sterilize all them bottles HELL YEAH. 861 more words

Guest Series: My breastfeeding experiences #3—Not Just Phoebe — and Jacob makes three

I was so happy to be involved with the wonderful Guest Series over on “And Jacob makes Three” Blog all about our Breastfeeding Experiences. Writing the post brought up some weird emotions and took me right back to those early days, but I’m pleased I was able to share my experiences of feeding Phoebe and everything that went with it. 76 more words

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Go Starbucks!!

So – I have just read an article that Starbucks has signed up for a campaign to support breastfeeding mothers. This is AMAZING!!! When I think about where I could go to feed Max I always wondered whether Starbucks support this. 85 more words