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Breastfeeding Vouchers? I Vouch For Feeding Equality

(originally published on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/breastfeeding-vouchers-i-vouch-for-feeding-equality_uk_5a314ef0e4b06a512dd69c8b)

On Tuesday 12th December, the Victoria Derbyshire programme featured a segment dedicated to discussing the idea of offering new mothers financial incentives for breastfeeding. 877 more words


Day 95

The nursing strike continues…it seems the pumping and bottle-feeding will be our new MO. Everyone says “that’s fine,” but what they mean is “that’s second-best,” so it’s hard not to feel like a failure, and it’s hard not to take Jonathan’s rejection personally. 881 more words


Wean Rhymes With Mean

Some mothers never had the ordeal of weaning their breastfeeding baby due to various reasons/conditions that prohibited breastfeeding (or their choice to formula feed); others reluctantly weaned due to health issues beyond their control. 1,099 more words


Long time coming.....

Well it has been 2 months since we moved and I think it is fair to say the Florence has settled in! It was all change in the Dorset Daddy household, with a new job and a house move all within a week of each other! 997 more words

Baby Parenting

The Fourth Trimester: Or why won't my baby let me put her down!

The fourth trimester is a term used to refer to the first three months postpartum- when both baby and parents are at their most vulnerable and still finding their footing on this new journey. 539 more words


What Now?

Nine whole months, plus a couple day…that is what how long I waited to have my dear daughter. Nine months of kicks, constant trips to the bathroom, checking my blood sugar levels, and wobbling to the parking lot after a long day of work. 472 more words

Bottle Feeding

Feeding: Breast VS Bottle

When it comes to choosing how to feed your baby, mother’s should consider what is best for them and their newborn.

For me, ensuring that my baby is fed and happy is my priority and not the opinion of others. 444 more words