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What New Mothers Really Want

So you know someone who just had a baby? Lucky you! I bet you are on your way over right now to get some new baby snuggles. 746 more words

Banish those bottle-feeding blues

At the advent of this paternity project adventure, two things kept me awake at night. Ironically, the first was the spectre of sleep deprivation. The second was whether I’d master bottle-feeding. 965 more words

Shared Parental Leave

Separation Anxiety

For me that is…not my little one!

I was in a class this week and at the beginning they always kick things off with a sharing topic – this week – baby sitters…have you used them? 722 more words


Did you know that infant formula in powdered form is NOT sterile?

Friday Fact!!

Powdered infant formula is NOT a sterile product. This is particularly important for infants at high risk. There are organisms that can be found in powdered infant formula including Salmonella and E.  114 more words

New Parents

Bringing baby home + How a postpartum doula can help.

Having a birth plan is great.  But after the baby comes, then what? Those first few moments are filled with bliss, excitement, relief, and nerves to finally go home and start this new chapter.  305 more words


5 Things I Know About Switching From Breast to Bottle- Guest Post

At some point most parents want their baby to be able to take a bottle. This can be for various reasons- a night out, having someone else take over night feedings, switching to exclusively pumping, or switching to formula. 402 more words

Being an imperfect Mother .. the great feeding debate

Before a woman embarks on the journey of motherhood, most have an idea of how they would like to give birth to their child, how they plan on feeding and generally how they are going to raise them. 1,376 more words