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Telling the truth

By Jati Wixted

I had what I would call a typical birth. In that nothing really went the way I planned. On the tenth day past my due date and after four failed inductions my “uncooperative cervix” and I unpacked the scented oils and the bikini we’d planned for the birth pool. 812 more words


Whatever works for you

By Alyssa Fraser

My first child was born in 2007. I was blissfully unaware that breastfeeding was frequently difficult for women. I had no idea that there was anything more you had to do than put the baby’s mouth on your breast. 998 more words


What goes in must come out

Lambs pee a lot! I forget just how much from bottle fed lamb to bottle fed lamb. How is it

possible that when you put 150ml in, gallons come out. 814 more words

Jacob Sheep

Cooking for my baby and toddler - practical tips

I have decided this week to write about cooking, reheating, boiling and not boiling water  for your baby/toddler as it is still question that many parents have. 702 more words

Introduction Of Solids

101 Things to Do One-Handed While Breastfeeding (or Bottle Feeding)

So I asked my trusty group of NCT friends for help with this one, and between us we came up with a bit of a list: 101 Things to Do One-Handed While Breast, Bottle Feeding or Expressing. 523 more words

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Meet Kevin and Snuffles

Today has been one of those roller coaster lambing days. I am writing this with a little ram lamb (Kevin) on my knee. Some time between just after midnight and just after 4am black faced ewe had twins. 1,512 more words

Jacob Sheep