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There’s only one way to start this blog and it’s like this: I don’t give a shit how you feed your kids. I don’t care what decision you make and why you make it. 1,590 more words


Breast v Bottle: My Story

Or how I learned to give a middle finger to the establishment in this country and do what was necessary for my baby.

Warning: If the words nipple or breast make you uncomfortable, stop reading now! 1,258 more words


Pregnancy Update: Week 25

With a due date of April 25th 2017 my week’s turn over on Tuesdays. Today I am 26 weeks, but I like updating on the previous week. 469 more words


The Big Breast Feeding Debate...

So here I am sat in Starbucks Trafford Centre feeling sufficiently whale like with my swollen feet promptly propped up. After another visit to the midwife this morning I was asked yet again “so are you going to breast feed?” To which I replied “If I had a £1 for every person who had asked me that I’d be able to buy a lot of formula!!!” … 429 more words


The beginning of the end

When my daughter was placed on my chest moments after her birth, I knew we were in this thing together.

She latched pretty well right off the bat from what my inexperienced eyes could tell- and the parade of nurses who checked on us did nothing to dispel that idea. 995 more words


Breast is NOT Always Best

During my pregnancy, I always knew I was going to breastfeed. It wasn’t even something I was weighing up the options for…breast is best  764 more words


Feeding Emily has given me terrible backache 

For someone who’s had terrible backache most of her life, whilst pregnant I only experienced a day of pain in my back and that’s because I slept funny. 605 more words