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Bottle Feeding

I often get calls about a baby who won’t take a bottle.  This is usually accompanied by a plea from a desperate mother who is getting ready to return to work and fears that her baby won’t eat all day.  319 more words

Well Done, Guardian, You Clickbait Wankers

I Googled night nanny at 5.30am this morning. RB has resumed waking at any time between 3am and 6am, and though both parents take turns to give him a bottle, we’re exhausted. 1,265 more words

Lambing 2018

There has been lots of activity down in the lambing sheds this year with 106 lambs being born! We officially finished the season on Saturday 21st of April with a lovely set of Suffolk triplets. 346 more words

Free Range

Let Them Be Fed!

I originally wanted to share an article about transitioning baby from breast to bottle and was floored by how none of the articles that I came across touched upon introducing formula into baby’s diet. 766 more words


Thirty-six weeks is how long in gestation little Arl

Let me start over. I was just interrupted mid-sentence by a phone call from the nurse in the NICU. 498 more words