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We think Miss Norah Gene must be ready to head home! She has made some AMAZING strides the last few days, and she continues to impress us each day! 510 more words


The Wonderful Days after Birth... Right?

Many people envision the first week at home with their newborn as the happiest time in their lives, only to find that it is the most challenging time. 660 more words



As I step out of the kitchen on to a cold squashed banana sliding between my toes, I remind myself what a joyful process weaning is. 289 more words


Five Things I Really Don't Like About Breastfeeding

I bottle-fed my first son Archer. After a week of bleeding, cracked nipples and the overwhelming pressure of trying to make it work taking its toll on my mental and emotional wellbeing, I switched to formula. 871 more words

Mum Life

The Pros and Woes of Bottle Raising Kittens

Every year, it has become tradition for me to bottle raise a litter of orphaned kittens. Even as I write this post, I have a 6 week-old black kitten climbing all over me who just began finally eating dry food on his own today (huge sigh of relief). 862 more words

Animal Advocacy

Breast is Best, but Bottle is Perfectly Adequate, too

We NEED to stop shaming mothers who are not able to breastfeed. This morning I gave my 7 week old son his last bottle of breast milk. 415 more words

On A Side Note

Breastfeeding vs Bottles

I know I haven’t really introduced our baby girl Aliya properly but I am going to go ahead on this post anyway, I am going through a thought/emotional dilemma of what to do next and writing this, I am hoping will help me. 324 more words