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The baby world is always such a mine field for new parents – even if it is not your first time around. If this pregnancy is your second or other it may be worth spending a little time researching the latest guidelines on topics such as making up formula bottles or SIDS. 545 more words

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Why I stopped Breastfeeding and Why It Was The Best Decision For Me (YouTube Video)

Breastfeeding is one of those topics in which it is extremely difficult to talk about. There’s an ongoing battle with fighting for rights for women to breastfeed when and where they want and although this is a negative video towards breastfeeding this is purely relating to myself. 116 more words


do what is right for you

The amount of time  you breastfeed your baby doesn’t define your worth or success as a mother.

— @bumpbox (from a Facebook post)

This is something that has been festering inside me since my children were babies.

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Bottle Feeding Basics!

In this post I’ll discuss bottle feeding basics. This will include types, preparation, supplementing, etc.

At Sinai Hospital we use Similac. This is the most widespread used formula brand and the one I’ll discuss. 463 more words

Why being a bad mom, isn't bad

I’m a bad mom…but I’m damn good at it!

“Don’t let your baby sleep on his stomach!”…”Just do what you have to to get him to sleep!”…”Are you back at work already? 1,470 more words


When Breastfeeding Works

So, Super Sydney has been on this earth for almost one month now, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed her the entire time, until her last feeding when she had breast milk in a bottle and Husband fed her, and I pumped.   532 more words

Vincent The Magnificent

Babies Can't Wait, Feeding Clinics, Nutrition, and Bottles

When you’re an expecting parent, you might register for some bottles because they are the trendy thing to do. Before we had our daughter, I thought that glass bottles seemed like the way to go. 549 more words