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My First Experience: Models Own Bottle Shops

Hiya guys, hope your ok??

So me and my boyfriend recently took a visit to Bluewater & Lakeside shopping centre for a weekend away ( a lot of shopping was done) but as Dave went off looking at guy stuff, I thought I would take a look at Models Own bottle shop. 487 more words


A Thought on the Four Firkins

I read over the weekend that the usually excellent beer store the On Tap: A farewell to Minnesota craft beer pioneer The Four Firkins Depending upon who you ask it was the entrance into the market of “bog box” liquor stores like Total Wine that did the specialty shop in or its somewhat inconvenient locations or its prices versus other shops in the area. 256 more words


Ohhhh Ashley... stop hehehe

Dr Hands was out of Jacks and Cola. Me, for once, being the sober one offered to head down to what I call the chemist but what is in actual fact, the drive through bottle o’. 563 more words

Day 12: Chasing the Sunrise, A Lecture, and A Bottle Shop

I am finally caught up on the blogging (“I was waiting with bated breath, Sam!”), but today was pretty ordinary. I woke up at 6:30am and talked to Kasey on the phone since she is on central time. 372 more words

The Dream Is Still Alive

Great news!!!  Our shirts and pint glasses finally arrived so we’ve shipped them off to all our loyal indiegogo contributors!!! Woo HOO!!!!  We hope you all enjoy them and fill your pint glasses with tasty craft beer. 478 more words

Jacob's Creek Classic Shiraz

One of the most common wines you’ll see in bottle shops these days is the Shiraz under $10. Now, most of these are drinkable, however it’s my job to weed through them to find the hidden gems. 214 more words



So, word on the street is Growlers are the next big thing to hit the London beer scene. For those who don’t know (like I didn’t) a growler is one of those cool glass bottles with a flippy lid like Grolsch comes in when you buy it in other countries or that fancy cordial stuff that you can buy now. 170 more words