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Bosom: (n) a woman’s chest


Yes, fond memories of giggling at church camp every time we sang the song, “Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham.” 179 more words

B Words

Stone Mocha IPA

Rating: 3.85

Stone is definitely my go-to American brewery and this one marks the nineteenth beer from the brewery that I’ll have reviewed here; it’s also another IPA from the Californian brewers. 719 more words


Hello, My Name Is Ingrid

Rating: 4.05

Probably the beer I’ve been most wanting to try from Brewdog now, this one was a beer that they initially released way back in 2011 as a limited release for the Swedish market and since then it’s made a couple of brief appearance on-tap the odd Brewdog bar in the UK over the years.  634 more words


Yazoo Pale Ale

Rating: 3.8

A first beer from Tennessee for me now, this one is another I was giving by someone returning from the States recently after they picked it up in Nashville and as a result this review will take me to twenty-four out of the fifty-one states (yup, I’m including Washington D.C. 602 more words


Abita Blueberry Wheat

Rating: 2.75

One of the more unusual beers that I received as a gift from relatives returning from New Orleans recently, this Blueberry Wheat will be my second Abita beer and follows on from their… 550 more words


North Coast Scrimshaw

Rating: 3.1

My fourth North Coast beer now and taking its name from “delicate engravings popularised by 19th century seafarers”, this is another I ordered online from Brewdog’s online shop after being surprised to see it at a fairly reasonable price. 514 more words