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Reasons for Choosing Bottled Cocktails over the Traditional Ones

The popularity of cocktails is everywhere in this world. No matter whether it is an office party or a friendly hangout; you cannot ignore the popularity of such kind of drinks among guests at these parties. 313 more words

Organic Cocktails

Welcome your Guests with Ready to Serve Cocktails

It is great to have parties and guests in your house. You may love to spend your holidays or weekends in this manner. As a host, your prime aim should be taking good care of the guests with the best food and drinks. 316 more words

Organic Cocktails

Cocktails Everywhere

The Craze for Cocktails

There are new cocktails that have come about which are drinks that are considered ready to serve cocktails! These are prepared by blending juices or sodas along with different types of alcohol spirits. 300 more words

Organic Cocktails

Organic Cocktails – Tasty and Relieving

To be organic is good, even when you are sipping your favorite cocktails. Here is something that gives you fun and elegance in its approach. Yes! 254 more words

Organic Cocktails

Cocktails with... Cotswold Distillery's Espresso Martini

Bottled cocktails are both something rather old and rather newsworthy; that is, after many, many years in the wilderness, they are starting to make a comeback. 390 more words

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Book Review: Jeffrey Morgenthaler's The Bar Book Elements of Cocktail Technique 

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is known to be the laziest (he’s said it several times himself) most efficient perfectionist bartender. He is one of the most influential bartenders and helped to revolutionize the bar industry by bringing  511 more words


Cocktails By The Bottle

Are cocktails in a bottle the new trend, possibly headed straight for U.S. bars? The British have already caught wave of this trend and according to the Wall Street Journal “it seems… 242 more words