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Do Not Order Coffee On Your Flight. Here is Why:

Many of us who worked in fast food in our younger days often cannot come back to eat at that same place.  We just know too much about what goes on back there. 315 more words



No, I am not telling you to stop drinking water from packaged bottle. But rather ask yourself before purchasing it: “Is there any alternate way?” We can get readily available bottled water in majority part of India. 1,085 more words

Bottled Water

Dangers of Plastic Bottled Water

We store our water in all sorts of plastic be it in plastic bottles, containers or jugs but do we know the negative impact this may have on our health?   349 more words


Should we be taxing bottled water?

An investigation by CJOB’s Greg Mackling and Brett Megarry revealed that there’s an inconistency in the way retailers charge for bottled water. There are rules and then there is what actually happens in stores. 32 more words


News: Article on the Perceptual Drivers of Bottled Water Consumption in Indonesia

An article by T Prasetiawan, A Nastiti, and BS Muntalif published in WIREs Water focuses on the perceptual drivers of bottled consumption in Indonesia. Today, bottled water is ‘the’ drinking water in Indonesia as its consumption rises significantly in the last decade. 143 more words

Bottled Water