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Chuck Norris Unleashes Never Ending Source Of Power: Bottled Water

Chuck Norris has ventured into the industry of bottled water with his new brand, CFORCE. The water is sourced from a sustainable, natural aquifer deep beneath Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch in Navasota. 184 more words


New year New you New Bottled water

                               I AM THAT,

What a great way to bring in the new and years to come with positive in every sip . Yes no other bottled  water gets the attention that I AM THAT BOTTLED WATER DOES  you have to admit I AM THAT, Positive makes one feel well Positive



The problem with BPA [Video]

Maybe you’ve seen those “BPA-Free” stickers on plastic water bottles before. Having them labeled that way makes it seem like a dangerous chemical, but you can find BPA in all sorts of things: DVDs, shatter-resistant eyeglasses, baby bottles… it’s even in resin that lines some cans of food, and in thermal paper receipts that you get at the store. 216 more words


Recent trend of "near water" questions the very definition of "water"

It seems obvious, but “when does water stop being water?” can be a tricky question to answer. 492 more words


Filteration In The WL-250 Tower

The Waterlogic WL-250™ Tower uses an NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 43 certified filter that delivers premium quality water for cold cup vending applications. It provides clear, fresh, premium quality ingredient water for great tasting cold beverages. 81 more words

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My New Year's Resolution for the Earth

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions.  I do.  Mine aren’t all that original.  They include the typical things like going to the gym, eating healthy, being more patient with other people and making my bed every day.  1,137 more words


The WL-500 Countertop

Welcome to unlimited premium sparkling water! The WL-500 Countertop delivers exceptional sparkling water and all your chilled and hot water needs too.

This fully programmable model features advanced Thermistor controls for more precise temperature control, ultraviolet light sanitization and large capacity CO2. 102 more words

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