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Superb Sealife on the Costa del Sol

If you were thinking that a flat calm, scorching hot Mediterranean beach heaving with paddleboarders and buzzing with jetskis would be a wildlife desert, you would need to think again. 952 more words

Common Dolphin

Fungie, the Dolphin of Dingle 

“The Dingle Dolphin — or Fungie, the name given to him by the fishermen — is a fully grown, possibly middle aged, male bottlenose, Tursiops Truncatus. 66 more words


Gorilla Versus Dolphins

Somewhere off the western coast of Africa, a silverback gorilla who has somehow fallen into the water must defend himself against a sadistic pack of bottlenose dolphins. 20 more words


The Best UK Whale and Dolphin Spotting Spots!

Sightings update: This week I finally got my first glimpse of the resident bottlenose dolphins that live on the Brittany coastline between the Ile de Sein and island of Ouessant. 827 more words

Surprises in the Channel

Hello and bonjour! Hazel here – welcome to my blog post for week 10 aboard the Brittany Ferries Cap Finistère.

Things got off to a fantastic, or perhaps I should say FINtastic (sorry…) start this week with the most productive deck watch I have ever had in the English Channel. 1,201 more words

Medley of Scottish Lochs

It had to happen sooner or later. After many years of being incredibly lucky with the weather during my Spring trips to Scotland, mid May 2017 looked as though it was going to let me down. 1,592 more words


A week in the life of a Wildlife Officer

Hello everyone, thanks for tuning in to read this week’s installment of our Cap Finistère Wildlife Officer blog written by myself, Katie. I thought that this week some of you might enjoy finding out about what else Wildlife Officers get up to on board: As well as our deck watches we also run a number of activities that feature on the entertainment schedule, and we even have some down time too, although some of that is still spent out on deck! 1,723 more words