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Is this you?

Looking for positivity in darkness, collecting shattered pieces of old memories when room wasn’t dark, a ray of hope was enough to spark the scopes. 390 more words


How 'too much' articulated my addiction 

People say too much of everything isn’t good, I say too much of everything is what, insanity rolls on, too much of everything is what, a genius is made up of, ‘too much’ is merely a beautiful articulation of universe hiding a magic land where lovers and stoners are found, loving their addictions profoundly.. 107 more words


Are we designed to be alone ? 

I know my heart is right and I can keep being wrong all the time. Some days ago I read somewhere ‘You have to die a few times before you can really live’. 290 more words



I love reviewing brunch because my obsession with brunch is what made me want to blog about food. This rainy (and hungover) Sunday was definitely improved with brunch at Venkman’s. 252 more words

Inman Park

Woody's Wharf

I spent this past weekend in the Orange County area. The weather was perfect, as it usually is in Souther California, so we ventured to one of their favorite restaurants for brunch. 319 more words


Ottawa food adventures

I don’t tend to eat out much in Ottawa despite my interest in food and the city. Being on a student budget makes it difficult to run a food blog when it comes to food someone else has cooked! 363 more words

Living In Ottawa

Kellari Taverna

This week, Groupon gave us the opportunity to experience a brunch we otherwise could only dream of [$$$$]. Located in downtown by the Farragut metro stops, Kellari Taverna’s fairly unremarkable exterior hides a gem of a place. 371 more words