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Bottom's Dream - Arno Schmidt (tr. John E. Woods) Pages 71-80

On the surface, it appears to have been a slow week on the “Bottoms Dream” progress charts, a mere nine pages…at this rate I should be done sometime in 2019!!! 925 more words

Undine - Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué

Arno Schmidt’s “Bottom’s Dream”, which I am slowly making my way through, in the early sections there are several references to Friedrich Heinrich Karl de la Motte, Baron Fouqué’s most popular work “Undine”. 1,678 more words

Bottom's Dream - Arno Schmidt (tr John E. Woods) pages 57-71

I have written four blog posts about “Bottom’s Dream”, initial thoughts, Poe references in the first 35 pages, literary references and a critique of Poe’s “Pym” and the use of “etyms”. 1,717 more words

Bottom's Dream - Arno Schmidt (Tr John E Woods) - Etyms

Let’s take a look at the language structure of “Bottom’s Dream”, the narrative is straightforward enough, Paula and Wilma Jacobi, Edgar Allan Poe translators, together with their sixteen-year-old daughter Franziska, visit Poe expert (and narrator) Dan Pagenstecher and they discuss Poe (besides Franziska who adds the occasional comment, but is generally the virginal sexual allure for Dan). 698 more words

>CROSSING THE BROOK< | Bottom's Dream

A little passage from John E. Woods’s English (?!) translation of Arno Schmidt’s enormous novel Bottom’s Dream. The passage is on page 75.

I am not “on” page 75; I am “on” page 28. 11 more words


Bottom’s Dream – Arno Schmidt (translated by John E. Woods) – week three

Post number three for my journey through Arno Schmidt’s “Bottom’s Dream” and already I’m thinking that weekly posts are simply not frequent enough. I don’t think an exercise like the amazing read along (alone) conducted by “The Untranslated” would add extra value, as why recreate the same style of notes simply because the book has been published in English? 1,423 more words

>intoxication o'r dizziness< | On "starting" Arno Schmidt's enormous novel Bottom's Dream

Arno Schmidt’s 1970 novel Bottom’s Dream is finally available in English translation by John E. Woods. The book has been published by the Dalkey Archive. 1,146 more words