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About last night...

What a great time and a great Ladies Night Out event at Enchantasys of Ramsey!

It was great to meet distributors and reps of major adult products and meet so many beautiful women interested in intimate photos of their own! 236 more words


Keeping The Fires Burning

Most of our clients come in wanting to surprise their significant other with boudoir portraits, but every once in a while we’ll have a client whose spouse already knows about the session, and in fact, helps her pick out what to wear.   95 more words


End of Summer...

Celebrate the End of Summer in this latest release from BOUDOIR.


What can you get from a boudoir or glamour portrait session?

Okay we have all felt it. We wake up put on our big girl panties go take a look in the mirror and there it is………the girl that you are just looks back as a girl you don’t like. 534 more words


Omaha Boudoir Legs and More!

Legs, legs, legs and so much more at our Omaha boudoir location!  Is your man crazy for your legs?  We’ll highlight your assets at Shondy Studios.


Processing Boudoir Portraits

Here at Shondy Studios, we want to give you a variety in your portfolio, not just of poses or different outfit looks.  We want to give you variety in our portrait processing, so that your final portfolio has as much variety as possible. 157 more words