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Koto Jazz 91: Creating a free form, "chaos" musical tune

Indeterminate music happens when a musician creates a standard base of a melody, and leaves the rest to spontaneous chance and free flow of expression. Instead of the musician taking the driver’s seat, the musician surrenders to letting the music take the musicians wherever it may go. 469 more words

Koto Jazz

52 Rolls Week 47:52

I’ve been promising a Holga Stroll down Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.  Finally did it and will share the results this week and next: 104 more words


St. Nick Is Now On The Downtown Boulder Bricks!

St. Nick is on the bricks of the Pearl Street Mall to meet kids every Saturday from 11 to 2pm through Christmas – this is the last Saturday! 181 more words


The Frackin’ Problem by E.K.

“It was so bad sometimes that my daughter would be in the shower in the morning, and she’d have to get out of the shower and lay on the floor,” recalls Craig Sautner in an interview with U.S. 995 more words


The Five W's of Picking a School

As January starts to draw near many seniors are starting to think about what’s next. What am I doing next year? Where should I go to school? 571 more words

Environmental Design

Bound for Winter 

If you walk around Boulder right now you would see plenty of bikes covered under snow. They are usually there during normal days too, but you kinda ignore it as normal. 11 more words


The 5 Best Hikes in Boulder, Colorado

No matter what brings you to Boulder, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that it’s a hikers paradise. Boulder boasts over 145 miles of diverse trails of varying length, elevation gain and scenery just waiting to be explored.  1,613 more words