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Wall Street's most important business is bouncing back

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The crash of fixed income, currencies and commodities trading has been Wall Street’s never-ending story. 

Over the last few years, revenues have plunged, traders have been fired, and business lines have been shuttered.  375 more words

Money Matters

Toddler Storytime- Leaping and Jumping

Jump! by Scott M. Fischer
Emily Loves to Bounce by Stephen Michael King

Felt Board
To Market, To Market

“Hop Along Song”  by Graham Walker,  320 more words

Thursday AM Storytime

How To Bounce Back After Failure

Bouncing back from failure can be one of life’s hardest challenges. Failure can make one feel beaten and precipitate a period of doubt and even depression. 23 more words

A No "Off Switch" Tiger

There is a German Proverb that says “There is no off switch on a Tiger”. How I wish it were not the case!

Apart from when Tiger is asleep, he is constantly on the move from the tip of his nose to the end of his very long tail! 586 more words


Bouncing Down the House

For all our millennial readers (7? 8?), the headline is an early 80’s Talking Heads reference.

Yes, I am old. But I’m a trying-too-hard-hip kind of old.

Comic Commentary

Bouncing Ball Animation

I created a bouncing ball animation using Maya.

Time Based