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2015, February 21 – 257 – life 4

bouncing and weaving (5)
on our weary way through life (7)
enjoy the journey (5)


2015, February 21 – 256 – bus

bouncing and weaving (5)
on a bus through the mountains (7)
when will we arrive? (5)


Ball Animation

I created a bouncing ball animation by combining 38 hand drawn images of a ball. I used Adobe Premiere and Photoshop to put this video together.


Searching for fonts

I started looking for fonts for my masthead. I’m looking for different types, playful ones, as my magazine will be about dubstep music! I was looking at sites like Da font in search for fonts which enhance the idea of dancing and bouncing, like substep music.

Media Studies

Phillips Phunny: Bouncing To Beethoven

The woman who “bounces” to music posted a new Valentine’s Day video.

The woman who flexes her pecks and bounces her boobs to music just posted a new video for Valentine’s Day. 22 more words


A Day Without Shocks from the Trampoline

This is Bear back on the trampoline for the first time in well over a year. I had to positively reward him with an extra hour on the computer to get him there. 329 more words


Day 8 - Happy bouncing!

If you have access to a mini trampoline, take some time to get on it and bounce gently for 5-10 minutes a day. I mentioned the lymphatic system in the post “Skin Deep”, well, bouncing also helps to get your lymph flowing throughout your lymphatic system. 84 more words