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Bouncing Back From Difficult Times In Life

Life happens. It doesn’t matter how positive an attitude you have or how balanced and centered you are, there are going to be times when you are knocked down. 30 more words

After Effects - 2D bouncing ball

In class I made a 2D bouncing ball.

I will be using keyframes to change the position and the scale for this project. I click the stop-watch to activate the first keyframe then the small diamond next to it if I want to add any keyframes anywhere else in the clip. 251 more words


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 23rd-27th)

Rolling along with our bouncing and basketball-themed activities this week.  We are really starting to see some skill development in our younger grades.  Students will continue to work on these skills in the upcoming week and will transition into some new activities the following week. 72 more words

(g) Twiglet 9/ Exclamation: Winter! (1.31) wp

Exclamation: Winter!
(mini haibun)

Like hail, though not as dense
(If there was any sense to the weather)
Packed flakes fell while the sun shone… 134 more words


I am Such Big Rubber Balls Mum 😂

Big, plump, inflated, rubber balls.


Santa brought Mini-Me a “Fun hopper”. (I have no idea if that is the correct name for the magical spherical delights, but that’s what myself and my siblings called ours on Walton Mountain many moons ago. 593 more words

#2 - Bouncing Ball (again)

Animation challenge #2 – Ball bouncing across the screen

Yes, yes, I know – we just covered the bouncing ball exercise BUT… this time it’s different. 397 more words