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A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme (208)

We bounced from side to side-

As we took that helicopter ride.



Eight months

Dear Elizabeth,

Today marks exactly eight months since you formally joined us. And, luckily, as it’s Wednesday, I actually have time to get us all caught up on the most recent goings on. 688 more words

To help a child’s gross motor skills encourage hopping, skipping, balancing and bouncing ....

When choosing toys and games for children with hydrocephalus or spina bifida, it is important to consider not only what will provide enjoyment, but whether the toy will also help all round development. 287 more words


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Bouncing Aux tracks in Logic Pro

Say you’ve got a few tracks grouped and bussed and you want to take a bounce to create a stem. The bounce in place feature is useful, but works track by track, and if freezing isn’t what you’re after. 179 more words

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