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Children’s Boundaries, Where to Draw the Line?

This topic is rather ironic at the moment as I set aside this Sunday morning for the purpose of establishing this blog.  I decided to get up at 6 A.M. 1,009 more words

Self-Care Sunday: Detoxing from Toxic People

I’m a recovering toxic person.

It’s a bit like being a recovering addict. Being around other addicts who are actively using is a bad thing, likely to lead you back into the life you’re trying to stay out of. 625 more words

Mental Health

A question for you:

I am a woman with Aspergers. So sometimes I don’t get things. So…I’m asking.

I know that relationships are not totally perfect and the idea that someone “accepts you for who you are” means that they will actually ask you to change certain things about you or what you do and that’s okay. 66 more words


Book preview - Setting Boundaries

How society has taught you to act:

If you are like most men then you have been conditioned to be polite to a fault. You let people walk all over you for fear that you may offend someone. 628 more words


Draw Boundaries and Stay Inside Them

As team manager you are the liaison between the coach, parents, players, and league. You ensure the smooth running of the team, and delegate duties as needed to make this happen.  184 more words



The Really Great People Will Always Make You Feel Great Too.

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Whether it be a wall, a fence or a natural boundary. Is it ever good to be divided? Maybe one side feels better than the other, but even the builder is restricted. 54 more words