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TW: emotional abuse, PTSD, depression, suicide, self-harm, therapy, police

I’ve a friend who’s going through a hard time right now, and when we said our goodbyes last night, lots of things were going through my head. 1,371 more words

My hierarchy of well-being: real people, nature and physical activity

Following up on this weekend’s post (One step at the time. And that’s a good start), I figured a few other things out this weekend, in terms of what grounds me and helps me deal with stress and prevent sliding back into a depressive state. 1,067 more words


It was a map, afterall.


It was a map, afterall.

Reflecting the boundaries we’d drawn between countries and the boundaries between hearts that came with it.

It was a map, afterall. 72 more words


Have no boundaries

I have mentioned before that I like to spend time reading through news from around the world. But today, I spent the most time on news from one country… half planned and half unexpectedly. 478 more words


6 Facebook Behaviors that Suck Out Your Energy

There are many ways empaths can feel depleted energy wise and one is sitting in front of you in the form of your phone or computer.   716 more words

Empathic Helpers & Artists

Writing Lines

I remember writing lines as a punishment at school. It didn’t happen very often, mostly because I got very good at staying within the text of the rules if not the spirit, and by not getting caught on those occasions where I decided I knew better. 512 more words

Idle Musings

Topographies of Identity

In her contribution to the recent volume edited by Patrizia Sambuco Italian Women Writers 1800-2000: Boundaries, Borders and Transgression (2015) Rita Wilson explores topographies of identity along frontiers (borders mark clear divisions; frontiers, the unstable meeting-place of differences). 118 more words

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