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 “What You Allow is What Will Continue”

This is one of my favorite quotes, because it resonates deeply.

As a child, there were certain caretakers in my life that unintentionally disrespected my needs/wishes, and shut me down.  588 more words


if you’re like me then i know you’ve thought “why?” “why me?” “why now?” it’s like we asks these questions expecting an answer, but we all know that will never happen. 152 more words

Stranger Danger 

At what point are you no longer strangers? In talking to several friends who are either in the online dating world or have met their significant other online it is always interesting to hear how they have handled initial interactions with people. 254 more words




We are supposed to have them but do we?

Have you ever had a relationship, either personal, working or friendship that frustrated you? Most of the time this frustration comes from your boundaries being impinged upon. 226 more words

Staying in my own lane

Earlier this morning I went for a walk. I live on a state road and some of it does not have any sidewalks, but they have well-marked breakdown lanes that make it pretty safe to walk on this particular stretch. 490 more words


They Stumble that Run Fast

Life, I have decided, is a series of partitions, none of which, unfortunately, are adequately marked. And it’s often only in retrospect that they can be appreciated with any clarity. 1,286 more words