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Tomorrow's Fences

Our past mistakes will become the fences that line our future paths. In this, hopefully it will be our lessons learned that place them there and not that of our refusal to change that will place us there.


Boundaries - Healthy Relationships

Wondering why everyone is talking about boundaries?  Would you like to know this is important to healthy relationships and healthy life? Join McDaniel Youth Program on May 6th (men’s group) or May 20th (women’s group) to learn more about this.


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bemused by boundaries, part 1

On Twitter a week or so ago, I explained how it’s really important for me to not act like an asshole, so if I “had a problem” with someone I knew from Twitter that I knew also read my blog, I would either take it up with them directly, or just write about it in my journal (and not post anything to a blog). 645 more words


Arbeit Macht Frei


11 am: So far today we’ve run…eaten breakfast, raked up pine needles in the woods, wheel-barrowed pine needles to the gigantic compost piles, back and forth. 492 more words

Chemical Dependency

People without boundaries are the worst

The best advice I receive are from people who understand the importance of life unfolding in a peaceful and joyful manner. There is no one path for us to follow but a few guiding principals like being present and practicing non-attachment go a long way. 332 more words

Young Man

I am finding out that men in their twenties are some of the most interesting people to interview on the topic of marriage. Their openness and honesty about relationships can be quite entertaining, and, at the same time, thought provoking. 758 more words


Got Fear?

I am scared.

I was scared when I thought about becoming a mom for the first time and wondering if I would be a good one or not. 618 more words