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Dd: I Can't Say No!

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Dear derziriff,

How can I effectively become not such a push-over without getting angry about it? 878 more words


Lesson's in Love 6/30/15

Terrific Tuesday! Lets looks at what is positive about today. I woke up! ( huge! lol) The dogs and cats are fed and love me, my daughter woke up ( another HUGE LOL)  and she loves me.   325 more words


The art of the temper tantrum, as child and as adult

My son doesn’t have many temper tantrums, but the other day, he did. He wanted to go outside and play in his kiddie pool; it was raining. 1,045 more words

I Mother


Dear Holly,

Continuing some of my quirky random thoughts relating to the topic of takers:

I don’t want you to be afraid to give.  Giving is one of the most satisfying actions. 908 more words


Healthy Boundaries

It has finally come down to the post that I think I was dreading even though it’s the catalyst of why I believe I have been codependent most of my life.  985 more words


life with boundaries

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the past few weeks reading blogs and articles about boundaries. A lot of those writers speak to the issue of boundaries a whole lot better than I do, but thought I’d add my own experiences of how crucial boundaries are. 1,562 more words