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truth vs. lies

what I know to be true

it does not matter how many times a lie is said, it is still a lie

it does not matter how many people you convince that your lie is truth, a lie is a lie is a lie… 126 more words

Our Daily Recovery Routine~Reader Question

I was emailed over the weekend regarding Our Daily “Recovery” routine.  I thought that would be helpful to share with everyone.  We Work HARD every single day to stay Connected and Transparent with each other.  636 more words

Unmet Expectations

This post is inspired by Valentine’s Day but can apply to anyone in any situation so don’t skip past this if you are not in a romantic relationship :) So often we are left disappointed by others. 296 more words


My First Fight with Lydia

Lydia, is a rather large and sassy wall-spider who lives in the space between my wardrobe and the wall. After watching her parade around the parameter of my ceiling (inspiring an arachnid-induced panic attack), I have come to the assumption that she is one of Angus’ fangirls, hoping to get a bite out of him (see what I did there?) in his reluctant bachelorhood. 287 more words

Farm Life

Boundaries - Saying 'Yes' and 'No'

A crucial part of having healthy relationships is being able to form clear boundaries. There’s so much that can be said about boundaries, but for now I just want to discuss the basics. 425 more words

Oh God.

Dear Annie: My girlfriend has a thing that she does with her 10-year-old son that I find borderline weird.

The first time I was at her home, while we were cooking dinner together, her son started whining, “Can we do it now, please?

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Automating IP Subnet Site Boundaries in Configuration Manager Current Branch

There are a lot of great scripts out there for automating the creation of site boundaries in Configuration Manager, as well as some fantastic articles describing boundaries and boundary groups in great depth.   425 more words