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It’s time to dismantle British politeness

It’s the month you finally decide to start saving. Whether it’s for a mortgage, travelling, or a financial safety net, you want to be a little more responsible with money. 829 more words

First Person

Explore your boundaries

A lot of people set boundaries for themselves without knowing where it should lay. The real method to find out your boundaries is moving close to your limit or even taking a small step past it. 345 more words


Mental Health October: Work-Life Balance

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I am one of a lucky few that settled into remote work well at the beginning of quarantine. In the “before times”, I generally worked from home 1-2 times a week. 1,333 more words


Mental Health Matters: Releasing the Need to Help

Do you think you should wait for someone to ask for your help or do you think you should offer unsolicited help if it looks and sounds as if the person needs it? 758 more words


Boundaries... my musings on this tricky subject

The subject of boundaries has come a lot recently at wellbeing meetings, groups or events I’ve attended, and the need to have them. It’s something during recent times I’ve come back to several times, especially as the lines between work and home blurred for a while with an element of home working involved in my job – many people are still working from home, for example, so those lines blur even more for those people. 1,287 more words

Monday Musing


This is a bit of a departure from my normal musings. Forgive me.

The Covid numbers in the city have started to rise which, coincidentally, coincides with the students returning to university. 164 more words

Free Thinker


Don’t let people make you feel bad for setting boundaries. That’s a wise and healthy thing to do. It’s okay to say no to something without feeling guilty. 68 more words