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Weekly Photo Challenge - Boundaries

….what do you think of when the theme is boundaries? 

Join The Daily Post and submit a photo or two that shouts out ‘boundaries’.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Boundaries...

Can you see where the reality ends and the creation starts?

This is a boundary with a difference. It is a boundary of what the mind conceives as reality. 114 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

The shed in my backyard provides boundaries for all of the tools and gardening paraphernalia that I use.  I also store the jars I use for canning there.  250 more words


WPC: Boundaries

Boundaries are this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. Below, lichens set out dark, circular boundaries atop a stone, and in the bottom photo, a wall seems to keep the snake on the wild side of the bricks. 42 more words



Boundaries are meant to be explored. Tested.  To find out what you are made of; extend your limits.  Some with purpose, protect us from danger; thwarting off risk.  35 more words


How should we then live?

What is the life of a Christian to be?

Yesterday I found myself in tears asking this question. How do I treat people? How do I love? 368 more words