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The Curse & Blessings of Lovely

“No” is a complete sentence.”  ~Anne Lamott

Recently, I stumbled across an interesting find in a charity shop. It was a book called “The Curse of Lovely” by Jacqui Marson, and coincidently this topic has been on my mind for the past week.

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Quote 152 - Intellectual Boundaries

Intellectual boundaries are violated when someone dismisses or belittles your thoughts or ideas.

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Setting Financial Boundaries With Dependent Relatives

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It is alright to help your relative out of a one-time financial jam. However, if this person relies on you on a regular basis, his or her actions are indicative of financial abuse. 392 more words

Money Matters

5 Tips: Teaching Kids To Do Right

Years ago, I sat in a meeting with a new mayor while interviewing to become the police chief. The interview went great and I knew the position was mine. 633 more words


Parent - Child Codependency

A few introductory links to codepedency expressed in parenting, and a few key steps to coping as an adult child of codependent parents (yes, it… 49 more words