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It takes bravery to be the person you are meant to be in this world.

To stand up and place loving boundaries around your life that welcome in what nurtures you and minimize what hurts your soul. 160 more words


Trusting Your Intuition

I operate under the general premise of trusting until I’m given a reason not to trust. Of course that comes with limitations, but the idea is to allow others the opportunity to prove themselves trustworthy before I presume otherwise. 792 more words


A Healing, Holy Whisper


The story from today’s Gospel, at first glance, feels like a healing story. It has all the elements of a healing story – a character that is sick or dying, a crowd of people following Jesus, Jesus moving from one place to another, a miraculous achievement at the story’s end. 1,302 more words


Being a Mum really is enough

I was struggling so much the other day – Johnathan has now got to the stage of testing boundaries.  This is normal and natural for his age.   143 more words

Win win, Belbin, PDCA and youth work boundaries

On the second day the group came back together to return to Covey’s habits. Over the previous weeks the participants have explored the first three habits. 1,256 more words

when younger- i asked my mother in wonder

about the line that stretched all the way around the world-

from tip- to bow

not stepped on- dusted- fenced- or owned

a line- that aligns- 148 more words


Look before you leap - in all things!

Look before you jump!

The man on the boundary

I had a very relaxed conversation with a fund manager on the boundary yesterday. The chap I was talking to was a fund manager , conversation turned to the fixed costs of the fund – custody, legal fees, registration fees and the like; the fund’s young and some of the costs may be essential but he reckoned that they amounted to 1.3% of the net asset value under management (the value of the assets less any liabilities). 757 more words