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#FTOTD: bound

to hold yourself together – is to keep yourself from falling a

by all means, even if it means to cage oneself.

this post is an optimistic one, sorta rare. 123 more words


Venting Out.

So, I really miss the independent life that I used to live a year back, coming home whenever I want to, going out whenever I want to, wearing whatever I want to and doing whatever shit I wanted to do in my life and not taking my mom dad’s permission unless it’s a big decision or I need some extra money. 739 more words


Use a Triple Integral to Find the Volume Bounded by Two Paraboloid (Cylindrical)

This video explains how to determine the volume bounded by two paraboloids using cylindrical coordinates.

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I always wonder why are we bounded by so many things, why freedom is just a myth. My heart raced as my mind raged. I wanted the answers that no one can give, i was searching for a treasure that no one has ever seen.

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Eyes closed, as if deep in a wakeful slumber

Here I stand in tune with everything;

This feeling – so subtle, so soft and gentle… 120 more words



To LET GO and NOT TO POSSESS is indeed difficult, but not impossible .

We cannot really possess anything here forever, can we? Are our possessions independent or dependent upon factors such as economy, luck, culture, inheritance, fate and many more? 567 more words

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Book Review: Chained to You (Bounded)

Chained to You, A Dark Billionaires Series, is published in serialized volumes. This is the first volume of Chained to You.

CHAINED TO YOU: BOUNDED… 389 more words