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Why Space needs Space?

# Yes, you are right what I am trying to say. Is space needs space?

# This question not only give us the proper cognition about space but an uncertainty about space existence. 68 more words


# First we know space is a three dimensional extent where objects perform their activities that we generally called a “Events”.

# Events popularly known as coordinates in three dimensional space where one can measures position and hence velocity. 226 more words

An upper bound for roots of polynomials

A natural question to ask when given a polynomial is: how do the roots and the coefficients interplay with one another? In fact a huge portion of polynomial theory and solving algebraic equations is finding out the details of this relationship. 292 more words


#FTOTD: bound

to hold yourself together – is to keep yourself from falling a

by all means, even if it means to cage oneself.

this post is an optimistic one, sorta rare. 123 more words


Venting Out.

So, I really miss the independent life that I used to live a year back, coming home whenever I want to, going out whenever I want to, wearing whatever I want to and doing whatever shit I wanted to do in my life and not taking my mom dad’s permission unless it’s a big decision or I need some extra money. 739 more words

my first blog post!

Today I took a walk around downtown and snapped some really fun shots.

The lighting was super nice and I got to see a part of my town that I’d never actually been to. 90 more words