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All experience is bounded.

In the shortest run, we all flee from the instant. In the longest run, we all go beyond life and death.

Deepest kiss - bdsm erotic art and poetry

Hot sweat
Slick on my skin
Flesh sliding on flesh
My Scalp
Aches sweetly
Fingers tangle
In my tresses
A rosie pink palm print… 153 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits

A Woman Laid Bare | bdsm erotic art & poetry

A Woman Laid Bare

You took me down to the dark dungeon that is my soul,
and you shone a light into the shadowed corners… 144 more words


A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: unbounded


Something is unbounded if it is not bounded. To summon a joke from my college newspaper days, all things considered, this wasn’t too tough a case for Inspector Bazalo. 657 more words


To whom it may concern: Stop and Think

You hardly ever think about the way that you perceive the world around you. You spend so much time sifting through the choices and problems that life throws at you, that you don’t really get the chance to slow down and think. 691 more words


The Submission of Hannah | part 1

The Submission of Hannah | Jolie Cain
Art by Samarel

Part 1 

She first saw him at a local bar. Chippy’s was a local hangout, and she had gone there one Friday night after work with some co-workers. 2,792 more words