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To LET GO and NOT TO POSSESS is indeed difficult, but not impossible .

We cannot really possess anything here forever, can we? Are our possessions independent or dependent upon factors such as economy, luck, culture, inheritance, fate and many more? 567 more words

Psychology N Gita

Book Review: Chained to You (Bounded)

Chained to You, A Dark Billionaires Series, is published in serialized volumes. This is the first volume of Chained to You.

CHAINED TO YOU: BOUNDED… 389 more words


Dark Billionaires Series Vol. 1- Chained to You: Bounded Release

Hey, guys. So it’s finally here. May 24th is the released date for Chained to You: Bounded. I hope you guys are excited. This new series is dark, hot, and definitely sexy. 1,404 more words

Alexia Praks

Dark Billionaires: Chained to You Serial Update

As always, when I plan to do something, it goes haywire. Yes, my dear readers, my attempt at releasing Chained to You serial this month has hit a brick wall. 391 more words

Alexia Praks

All experience is bounded.

In the shortest run, we all flee from the instant. In the longest run, we all go beyond life and death.

Deepest kiss - bdsm erotic art and poetry

Hot sweat
Slick on my skin
Flesh sliding on flesh
My Scalp
Aches sweetly
Fingers tangle
In my tresses
A rosie pink palm print… 153 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits

A Woman Laid Bare | bdsm erotic art & poetry

A Woman Laid Bare

You took me down to the dark dungeon that is my soul,
and you shone a light into the shadowed corners… 144 more words