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Blackbeard | #EatADick

Andersen Richards didn’t choose for the world to know that a growing epidemic could be cured by eating his flesh. He would have preferred to avoid anyone suffering the poor impulse-control and constant hunger that Ratfanger’s Syndrome brings. 1,524 more words

Playing Game Characters Against My Nature

I admit it, in the dark side/light side equation, I’m pretty far into the light side of things by nature. The characters I relate to the most in games, books and movies tend to be heroic and look out for others more than themselves. 537 more words


Daily doodle: The Main Man #Lobo #frag

Thought I’d try a hand at doodling Lobo, everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter. I always thought Simon Bisley’s version was the best.

DOn Nguyen

Raining Frogs

And the adventure’s back! I feel like a talk show host sometimes. And here we have the adventure stories involving multiple endings and dangerous perils. Choose wisely, for there be dragons beyond them there boarders. 779 more words

Adventure Stories

Smuggler's Bounty's Next Box is...

Immediately after Bounty Hunter box closed, Funko announced the theme for July’s box.   52 more words


If'n You Can't be Good, Then I'm a Com'n Fer Ya. So Remember, Play Nice and Don't You be No Naughty Boy.

Come on and admit it. I want you to tell me the truth on the question I’m about to ask. Hasn’t there been a character on the cover of a novel that you would secretly like to emulate? 298 more words

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