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Emerald Fire

Exciting news! Book # 2 in my Jewel Intrigue Series now has a cover! Without further ado…

Lyrical Press is keeping with a similar look for the entire series. 218 more words


Settin' up in Westacre

Vik poked at his bandage, his wound was numb from medication, the room he was in was clean, something he wasn’t used to. Medical equipment was littered around the room, salvaged and refurbished, though they still had that certain patina that all old things have, he glanced to Barfield, she was writing down on her clipboard. 804 more words


Metellus rode hard into the storm, it didn’t faze him, in fact it only excited the ex-general even more, he was a hardened veteran, the Grand Canyon was his only failure, something he intended to right. 641 more words

Now in My Bookbag: The Hunter Bride, by Cynthia Woolf

I liked this book so much! I really liked the characters, plot, and setting. This book was very engaging, and a joy to read. I was drawn in immediately. 146 more words


Will Boba Fett be in Star Wars: Rogue One?!

It is within the realm of possibility. So at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016, LEGO decided to show off some of it’s upcoming sets to be released which could have possibly revealed that our favourite Bounty Hunter in the galaxy will make an appearance in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology, sorry story, Rogue One. 337 more words