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The Wildcard Chapter 13

The echo of the bullet ringing off metal drilled into my ears. That massive man pulled his gun from my head and released his grip on me. 727 more words


The Wildcard Chapter 12

My apartment was hot. Sweltering hot. Boiling hot. Burning. Hot. I came to on the floor and watched the smoke billow into the ceiling. There was a sound that confused me. 888 more words


The Wildcard Chapter 11

The heat didn’t stop when I got back to my apartment. The tiny room was basically a solar oven. I sat at my computer in a baggy t-shirt and swim shorts (the only shorts I actually owned) and a wet towel on my head to keep my brain from boiling. 899 more words


The Wildcard Chapter 10

The park was fairly quiet when I reached it at 8:07. Three kids were cooling off in the fountain and an old lady sat on one of the benches, surrounded by little red sand-pigeons. 857 more words


The Wildcard Chapter 9

In that tiny, lonely apartment the only sounds came from the constantly gurgling coffee pot and the soft flick of my fingers on the pages. This case was over, I knew that for sure. 969 more words


THE BIG THRILL's review/interview

JANE’S BABY released today. This is a good book.

I am thrilled and humbled by this piece in the June issue of the International Thriller Writers… 9 more words