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Movie review: Bounty Hunter(action,comedy & romance)

If you are were assigned a mission to hunt down your lovely, amiable ‘EX’, what would you do? especially when the chemistry between both of you is still strong and real? 100 more words

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Cosplay of the Day

March 26th, 2017

Boba Fett, Star Wars: Episode 5 and 6
Taken at Toronto ComiCon 2017 by Heather Heal


Confessions Of A Bounty Hunter (working title) pt.1


Written in 2007:
He had lain silent in the sun a thousand times before. The heat slowly baked his skin but the silence chilled his bones. 5,761 more words

Creative Writing


In life I have a very simple creed:
Make lots of money, quickly as you can.
The risky jobs pay plenty. You just need
To take precautions. 141 more words


Boba Fett - Death by Sarlacc

That boy leads a charmed life. A slippery snake!
Why can’t he die? Why isn’t he deceased?
Chaos erupts. It’s time action to take – 105 more words


Boba Fett - Prelude

I saw father beheaded. I was there
When Mace Windu light-sabred off his head.
I cried for the last time. I was aware
That I was on my own. 180 more words


Jango Fett

For fugitives across the stars I seek.
It is a living. But this way of life
Is not for everyone. Not for the weak!
Continual shoot-outs, stalking, duels and strife. 187 more words