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Our Wallace will officially turn 41st today! Of course, he’s forever 21st in our heart lol. We wish you more amazing years to come! Wallace, we will stay with you forever. 239 more words

Wallace Chung

Coming Soon: Cold Rains


Jim Rains is no slouch when it comes to tracking down and bringing to justice society’s roughest criminals, but Melissa Sossville—blue eyes, corn-silk blond hair, perfect figure and no more than 95 lbs. 42 more words

Contact at Front Door

Every bail enforcement agent does this every day at least
once or twice,  the knock and contact at the front door. Establishing contact with a person that may know your defendant occurs so often that we take it for granted and we forget just how dangerous it can be. 540 more words

Bail Enforcement


Striding through the shaded streets, Veil tuned his ears to the higher frequencies, where the banshee-rats could be heard. Instantly the silence of the canopied district turned to cacophony, the newly audible squeals and clicks passing between the vermin a language he’d rather not decipher. 656 more words


Marvin Morgan's Bounty Hunters

When a defendant is first arrested and charged with a crime he is put into custody. At that point, the defendant is faced with two distinct possibilities—to remain in custody or be released. 388 more words




Well, I was spending several hours of my time,

these last days, trying to do and learn about

making Digital Drawing and Illustration, so I was… 194 more words


Review Tuesday: Stephanie Plum Tricky Twenty-Two

I started reading the Stephanie Plum series after the movie came out for One For the Money, and I quickly realized that the book series was hilarious and fun and WAY better than the movie. 442 more words

Review Tuesday