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Act III Scene II

It is the end of the week. Wande gets home late from work and joins his parents for dinner.

WANDE: Good evening Mom, Dad.

ENGR. RONNIE: I see you are getting yourself familiar with the business. 148 more words


Act III Scene I

It’s been months since Wande resumed work.

Wande is a Legal Adviser at his father’s company which is one of the leading private organisations in Nigeria. 150 more words


Act II Scene VII

(Wande enters)

IRETI: (Excitedly) Wande, you are back! I hope you had a beautiful day.

WANDE: (Furiously) Tell me Mum, what was that about?

IRETI: (Puzzles) Err..What was what about? 133 more words


Act II Scene VI

A beautiful space for social interaction and a professional standard decor. The long square table and chairs with drape creates a corporate event setting. The flower centerpiece adds an elegant flair to the table.  225 more words


Act II Scene V

[ About 7:00am in the Ronnie’s sitting room. It is beautifully furnished with a modern set of furniture. The floor is furnished with an intricate patterned tile that reflects the artistic sense of the Ronnies.] 204 more words


A Second TULIP

(It should be noted at the outset that this article does not necessarily represent exactly the Fellowship Baptist Statement of Faith, a movement of which I am both a member and an employee. 1,346 more words

Theological Scribblings

Act II Scene IV


(Door bell chimes)

(A maid answers it promptly)

Wande comes into Derin’s bedroom to see her packing her luggages.

WANDE: (Stammers) The maid allowed me in. 419 more words