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The "Bouquinistes" along the riverside in Paris

The used-book sellers (bouquinistes) you see along the Seine around Notre-Dame is a Parisian invention. These literary entrepreneurs seems to have a easygoing style, with flexible hours and virtually no overhead.  199 more words


Dispatch from Paris: Endangered Bouquinistes Need Your Help

Paris remains a beacon of culture and sophistication and a week spent promenading along the city’s quais and quaint streets was balm for the soul. Among the many familiar sights were the bouquinistes, those riverside booksellers whose forest green stalls have been a fixture by the Seine since at least the 18th century. 123 more words


Bouquinistes - Booksellers

Paris, June 2017. The bouquinistes are street booksellers along the Seine. There were declared a Unesco World Heritage. The term appeared in the French dictionary in 1789 but the norms about the sizes of the boxes and the rules of conduct are fare more recent. 51 more words