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Literary Paris: Bookstores and the Bouquinistes

Paris is such a wonderful city for a bibliophile. Wonderful little bookshops and the little book stalls along the Seine River called bouquinistes. Absolutely loved exploring all these little places. 89 more words


The Lunch that Ate the Day

Monday in Paris was a very French day, at least the eating part. The children were tired, so Allie let them rest all morning. We met one of Allie’s students, Paula, and her husband Dave for lunch around 12:30 at Chez Gladines, a Basque restaurant in our little village of Butte aux Cailles that they wanted to try. 514 more words


Bouquinistes~by Paul F. Lenzi


“Les Bouquinistes”
Painting by Serge-Henry Lupano
From artmajeur.com

five hundred years of tradition
small bookseller stalls that shoulder
the Seine giving onto the reverence… 134 more words


Best haunts in Paris to get your read on

These four places should get you started on a literary adventure in Paris.

Shakespeare and Company bookshop is not just an ordinary store that sells books. 437 more words


Claude Izner Paris 2

Claude Izner (see previous post) is the pen name of two sisters who together write the “Victor Legris” crime novels. The sisters, Liliane Korb and Laurence Lefevre, also work together as booksellers. 17 more words


Les bouquinistes de la Seine

One of my favourite things to do in Paris, is to wander through the couple of hundred bouquiniste stalls along the Seine. Described by many as an “open-air bookshop”, they combine my love of books, antiques, bookshops and market stalls in such a picturesque way. 433 more words


The ever-mysterious map


No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye. (Elizabeth Bowen)

Someone once told me that part of the reason that life is bearable even in its darkest moments is the fact that it contains a never ending well of mystery.

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