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Burgundy: the History of the Vignerons, Preface

by Dean Alexander

The research for the series Understanding the Terroir of Burgundy led me to some very unexpected places, and that path was far longer, and much more circuitous than I ever could have imagined when I first began. 1,358 more words

The French Revolution Begins

This week we will examine a very important part of Europe and World history The French Revolution. By the mid 1700s France was considered the most advanced country in the world and the center of the Enlightenment. 243 more words

Political Revolutions

Rethinking Colonialism: The Post-Bourgeoisie in Mars

Almost three hundred years have passed by since Daniel Defoe represented the colonizer’s experience embodied in the enlightened bourgeois Robinson Crusoe in 1719. Remarkably, these three centuries have seen the process of decolonization and the birth of post-colonialism. 381 more words

19th Century

The Revolutionary Dead: Karl Marx (part one)

This is the beginning of a series exploring the legacies, lives, and ideas of revolutionary ancestral figures.

Probably no theorist in the Western, Capitalist world has been more vilified than Karl Marx. 2,314 more words


Bourgeoisie writers of the Establishment

John Paul Sartre though being a writer confessed finally that writing is a bourgeoisie institution. I call the writers of the establishment bourgeoisie because all they want to have is that their writings should be mass marketed as profitable commodities. 83 more words


Une Grande Bourgeoise in Paris

Ahead of me last week in the queue for bread at the Boulangerie du Parc Monceau, a “dame d’un certain âge” asked for a baguette that was “ 1,109 more words