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Miss Arabella and Mlle Rosette by the sea

When a certain B.L. arrived in Brighton in 1866, he took a rather harsh look at the inhabitants of the town.  His article was published in the weekly magazine “La Vie Parisienne”.  860 more words


Thus we become as gods

We think with our warm blood in our warm hearts

Asking for love, nurturing god in our eye-painted way

We smile as the lion acts, claw and tooth proud… 227 more words

Eating healthy with an empty cupboard

This month I’m pretty behind on finances, mostly from holiday scheduling in which I only worked three days a week. Plus spending $60 on booze without batting an eye on New Year’s Eve just can’t be justified when you are in my boat. 192 more words

The Child of the Revolution – Napoleon

“I was born when my country was dying. Thirty thousand Frenchmen disgorged upon our shores, drowning the throne of liberty in a sea of blood – such was the hateful spectacle that offended my infant eyes.” Napoleon was hardly 20 in 1789 – the year the French Revolution broke out. 478 more words


30 - Happy End

Michael Haneke’s precise, layered Happy End takes on – what else? – the bourgeoisie, and sees Eavesdropping welcome 2018 and iTunes availability at last! Opening with praise for the extraordinary image quality provided by the mac’s 4K projector, we consider the film’s surprising comic sensibility, its observation of different social strata, how our expectations shaped our experiences of what we saw (or didn’t see), Haneke’s careful craft and subtle subversions of cinematic conventions, and his continued exploration of violence as a central theme. 94 more words


 The Line Between Disco Fries and Duck Confit Poutine

Week 26 June 26th  – July 2nd  2017


 The Line Between Disco Fries and Duck Confit Poutine

““Is it my looks? Is it my wealth? 609 more words


Holiday recipes for people with extreme dietary restrictions due to health conditions

Blend peanut butter (make sure the only ingredient is “peanuts”) and pure maple syrup. It helps to heat them up either on the stove or in the microwave. 134 more words