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Seven Sillyyy Questions...for Rubyyy Jones

One part Las Vegas Showgirl, one part Broadway Baby and one part Drag Queen, Rubyyy Jones has performed all her life and worked with some of the top theatre performers and educators in Canada and some of the sleaziest and sexiest cabaret and burlesque performers in the world. 867 more words

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Of course, there was a sacking party!

Hooray, common sense has prevailed at the BBC when they decided not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract after his ‘fracas’ over steak.

The most frustrating thing about this matter is that, Jeremy Clarkson will be absolutely fine. 33 more words

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Madness and Domesticity in Eline Vere

The Dutch novel Eline Vere (1889) is another late nineteenth-century bourgeois example of failed female domesticity. Eline is a young dreamy girl whose basic problem is, like Emma Bovary, a deep boredom; although Flaubert’s novel is in many senses superior to that of Couperus’- Emma’s psychological characterization is one of the best of the nineteenth-century together with that of Anna Karanina – , as well as influential to the latter, both Emma and Eline share a passion for romantic novels, high expectations which are always damned to fail, and a too restless character to conform to bourgeois domestic expectations. 521 more words

Female Spaces

Notes on Society of the Spectacle: Chapter 5

Notes from chapters 1-3 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 4 can be found here.

Chapter 5- Time and History

#125 Man is identical to time. 2,719 more words



A happier, healthier someone–

A member of the bourgeoisie,

Might easily offer suggestions

On a future halcyon me:


“Aim straight for a job with a pension, 39 more words

A History of Capitalism, 1500-2000

A History of Capitalism, 1500-2000

Michel Beaud

Michel Beaud’s “History of Capitalism” describes the historical underpinnings of the modern western civilization from a Marxian framework. From the earliest emergence of mercantilism to current corporate America, the foundation of capitalisms is the exploitation of workers. 727 more words



Versailles is arguably one of the most luxurious places in the world. The palace shows us how French royals used to live, but to me, it also represents how unfair life was and still is today; some people have it all and more while others struggle to fulfill their basic needs (food, water, shelter, etc).   32 more words