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Society and Technology in Urban France by Joel Raucy

The book being discussed is called Bel-Ami, and the author is Guy De Maupassant.  This book is a fictional novel, however it gives great insight to how people lived in urban France.   856 more words


Bel-Ami by Luna Jean-Pierre

French author Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant was born in France in the northern county commonly known as Haute-Normandie. Both of his parents were from wealthy families and though they separated when Guy was quite young, his mother made certain that he got a well-rounded and… 1,004 more words


Prayer of the Petty Bourgeoisie

Dear God,

Don’t shatter my illusion of a safe  world

Where the sun is guaranteed to rise every time I open my eyes

And the moon and stars to shine as I lie asleep at night. 156 more words


4/20 Is Bourgeoisie Bullshit, Proletariats Don’t Smoke Pot We Do Inhalants!

Right now my fellow proletariats are making money off the middle class selling them weed. Where it’s legalized, it’s the bourgeoisie selling to the bourgeoisie. It’s bullshit. 242 more words


Woodstock Part 1

The walk through Woodstock on a Saturday morning is eerily peaceful. Main road stretches out towards Cape Town, empty except for the occasional taxi and wearied stragglers from the previous night. 615 more words



Day 17 of ELJ’s Write Now

Erasure of Simone De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. page 140.

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Bel-Ami and the Bourgeoisie in Third Republic France by Yara Lugo

In 1885, French author Guy de Maupassant published his novel Bel-Ami. Regarded a French literary classic, as well as inspiring way too many film… 978 more words