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Marx defines the petit–bourgeoisie as those with power but whom answer to someone else.

  • The small business owners
  • Management

and in my opinion the government, why, because we are their bosses, and every 5 years we can sack them and Install a new government, also they’re answerable to international law and currently the EU. 206 more words


And the next bourgeoisie on the list 

OK marx defines the bourgeoisie as those who have knowledge or another form of power with the ability to pass it on, so does that include Teachers. 166 more words


Who are the Borgeousie 

OK since I began reading about sociology Marx‘ concept of the bourgeoisie, petit–bourgeoisie, prolateriat and lumpen–proletariat have become a fascination for me.

I’ve Already offered up the media, but it occurs to me that Dr’s are also the bourgeoisie, they’ve a power over life and death, they may not have the power to decide; they do have the power to save life though. 72 more words


You Stay Classy, Argentina: Report Points to Expanding Middle Class

(This article and its content were first published on thebubble.com, August 4, 2015). 


The rise of the global bourgeoisie continues. In a recent study… 1,839 more words

The ultimate bourgeoisie 

The media, the ultimate bourgeoisie, in my opinion, why, because they have the ultimate power, to pass on the facts, as they see them, how else do we know: 133 more words


Ortega and the State

José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) was the preeminent Spanish philosopher of the first half of the Twentieth Century. A complex figure, he was at the same time an elitist, a classical liberal, and a republican. 989 more words


left is no longer left

working class and peasants inspired the formation of left-inclined political groups around the world, from soviet union to vietnam, from india to china. the groups – political or apolitical- promised to revolutionise the milieu and end the class divide between rich and the poor. 217 more words