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Ortega and the State

José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) was the preeminent Spanish philosopher of the first half of the Twentieth Century. A complex figure, he was at the same time an elitist, a classical liberal, and a republican. 989 more words


left is no longer left

working class and peasants inspired the formation of left-inclined political groups around the world, from soviet union to vietnam, from india to china. the groups – political or apolitical- promised to revolutionise the milieu and end the class divide between rich and the poor. 217 more words


The Causes of the French Revolution

This week we will examine a very important part of Europe and World history The French Revolution. By the mid 1700s France was considered the most advanced country in the world and the center of the Enlightenment. 155 more words

Political Revolutions

Nowadays, more and more families decide to send their children study abroad. Despite those definitely rich people who regard the tuition fee as an ignorable fraction of their income, more and more middle classes, including my family, also make this choice. 596 more words


My Christmas Wish

All I want for Christmas is the rejection of a capitalist society that exploits the working class while at the same time telling them they’re too lazy while they work an average of ~47 hour weeks, that their job isn’t a valid career path to warrant a living wage. 224 more words

Transformations of Civic Society - International Graduate School Halle Tôkyô

Place: University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany; University of Tokyo
Project leader: Manfred Hettling (Halle-Wittenberg)

The International Graduate School examines the conditions under which structures of ‘civic society’ were established and transformed in Germany and Japan after the 18th and 19th century, respectively. 21 more words


Marx's Theory of History

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History of the Vigneron: Languages Part 3.1, 1780-1880: Philosophy, Perception, and the Historian

Marx’s Theory of History… 1,283 more words