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 John Galsworthy – The Man of Property

John Galsworthy viewed English society from within the world of upper bourgeoisie. He did not show much interest in the great world beyond and beneath his class, though in his plays he expressed a deep sense of revolt against social injustice in contemporary society. 27 more words


Cry the People

The democrats are crying

The people have spoken

In a manner of speaking

Determined by the

Democratic representatives

Why did they do this?

This feels treacherous! 203 more words

Review - AdVenture Communist

AdVenture Communist is merely a tool of Capitalization masquerading poorly as “the world’s greatest communism simulator!” and it makes my red blood boil.

AdVenture Communist is the sequel to Hyper Hippo Games’ AdVenture Capitalist, which I made my thoughts about very clear in my feature on Capitalist propaganda video games. 627 more words


Bowles and Gintis: The Correspondence Principle

Marxists sociologists Bowles and Gintis (1976) argue that the main function of education in capitalist societies is the reproduction of labour power.

They see the education system as being subservient to and performing functions for the Bourgeoisie, the capitalist class who own the means of production: the Bourgeoisie require a workforce that is hardworking, accepts authority, and who won’t kick up a fuss if they are exploited, and the main function of school in capitalist societies is to indoctrinate children into these norms and values. 822 more words


Four Capitalist Propaganda Video Games

The Triple-A games industry is a propaganda machine for the Capitalist ruling class. Here are a few examples of its worst offenders.

The world that we live in today is dominated by a Capitalist society. 626 more words


A Place to Call Home

It’s a small apartment. A very small two bedroom. Enough. I have no desire for large houses. there is enough light, many windows, even in the bathrooms, and Sam has his own bedroom. 152 more words


Violence is "Not Good"

“A small percentage of the world is benefiting from Capitalism, while the rest of the world lives in abject poverty. At some point, those people may decide they’ve had enough, and the backlash will be ‘not good.’”

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