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Mad, Criminal, and Ambitious

In late nineteenth-century, literary representations of the new woman approached her autonomy in political, and sexual matters in terms of madness and criminality. Texts such as  749 more words

Literature And Sexuality


An old saying goes that you never really know how much you miss something until it’s gone. That seems to be the curious case of the retrowave explosion, a movement of electronica producers embracing the warm synth driven beats and hooks of the 1980’s. 211 more words

For Your Listening Pleasure

Den amerikanske drømmen

Basert på “Slåttekar i himmelen”, Edvard Hoem.

Familien Hansen levde i fattigslekår ute i Stavanger år 1823. Far, Per, jobbet hos husmann Jakobs som eier gård ved siden av. 1,728 more words

Why Marx Can Never Pay off his Debts: A Version of Yablo's Paradox (1993)

Marx needs more than $99 to pay off his debts, but Engels will only give him exactly $99. For any positive amount X Marx can muster over and above Engels’s $99 hand-out, under capitalism, there is a corresponding petit bourgeoisie “thug” to whom Marx must pay all but a fraction of X. 353 more words

Rational Logocentrism

Ball games

Normal summer transmission resumes and London goes back to being grey and warmish and intermittently drizzly. We settle into a routine: Hapless heading off for the daily commute, the rest of us tackling ‘summer school’ – a little daily homeschooling and light masochism. 1,237 more words

Amilcar Cabral (37) Quotes from Revolution in Guinea

Amilcar Cabral‘s 37 quotes appear at the end of this article. Therefore, if you are familiar with his work and accomplishments, please feel free to skip this introduction to the legend. 2,552 more words