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Los Modernos

They’re getting married.
They’re doing something that’s never done.
They’re having children.
They’re approaching pinnacles of life.

They’re buying batteries.

They’re doing what anyone can do. 34 more words


People Are Strange

There I was, minding my own business just as the concert was about to begin, when all of a sudden Andre the Giant sat down in front of me with his mother in tow. 625 more words

Dear Intelligent Advice: Pas de Petit Morts

Dear Adviser,

I am a 34-year-old woman and I have never orgasmed while having sex with a man. I have on my own, just never during intercourse. 186 more words


Question #5

How does the literary work comment on the capitalist system? Does it support that system or criticize it?

I believe that “The Diamond Necklace” upholds the hierarchy created by the capitalist system, overall emphasizing that we should not try to change our socioeconomic classes. 504 more words

Marxist Analysis

Question #2

How do individuals play out the roles assigned to them by their society, not recognizing their lack of freedom to behave otherwise?

Actually, the cause of all the Loisel’s troubles in this story is Mme Loisel’s inability to accept her position in the middle class/proletariat. 132 more words

Marxist Analysis

Question #1

Power and money are not distributed equally among the characters in “The Diamond Necklace.”

Who has the power and money?

Upper class/bourgeoisie characters such as Mme Forestier have power and money. 124 more words

Marxist Analysis

Notion of Nationalism

Nationalism is an illusion, letting miserable people to feel proud for the sake of incomprehensible achievement. Nationalism serves as an auxiliary identity of a person, a subservient line of division between humans. 66 more words