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My sociological understanding of Marxism

In taking Sociology alongside Media Studies and English Language at A Level, its fair to say it wasn’t my strongest subject. Despite this, starting this university course has showed me how much I learnt in my Sociology lessons, and how my knowledge was not accurately reflected in my A Level result. 416 more words



Bourgeoisie: (n) the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values

It was called a skeleton key.

Certain locks were made to be universal, and opened by a single common key. 241 more words

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The New Middle Class

Does social class still matter voting behaviour today?

For the past century, society has seen tremendous change to the structure of class systems. The internal struggle of the working class and the upper class, had been well documented in the context of… 765 more words



By: Gaither Stewart 

Indifference is an American-European story. As French chansonnier Serge Gainsbourg sang of his love for Brigitte Bardot: “What does the weather matter, what matters the wind? 1,113 more words


US Inspired WWIII Hoax

Just a quick note about the numerous World War III posts circulating the Net. There are no such stories in any ‘official’ Mainland Chinese media outlets, and my Russian speaking friends inform me that there are no such stories circulating in Russian media. 121 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Stalin Empowers Women

From a Chinese language blog:

In the 1930’s, Joseph Stalin was in-charge of the USSR.  At this time he sought to empower Soviet women by encouraging them not to wear ‘bourgeois’ and ‘sexist’ make-up, and to participate in all areas of the workforce as full citizens equal to their male counter-parts.   67 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Something to celebrate

In a nation of 1.25 billion it has now become not only acceptable but also sth to be celebrated that the richest Indian now owns almost 20% of the the national assets. 168 more words