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ethical reveille

resulting from spring
remains deficient

geographically spread
different from origin
but with same intentions
free bourgeoisie

contemporary revolution

leaders paradoxical
repeatedly dissipates
ethical reveille

Philosophy Of Jos

Dear White People? Shouldn't It Be Dear Capitalism?

Alright, I want to talk about Dear White People, the new TV show on Netflix. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I want to share my thoughts while they’re still fresh. 1,544 more words

Kitty McKenzie [Annemarie Brear]

1864 – Suddenly left as the head of the family, Kitty McKenzie must find her inner strength to keep her family together against the odds. Evicted from their resplendent home in the fashionable part of York after her parents’ deaths, Kitty must fight the legacy of bankruptcy and homelessness to secure a home for her and her siblings. 400 more words


Facade [Day 5]

Tethered to ceilings, we find little
corners of perishable poverty in
bourgeois families, the brittle
niches of their palaces, all quite
isn’t that wonderful, dear… 220 more words


Chasing Checks vs. Chasing Dreams

As a part of my professional development package with my current place of employment, I’m consistently catching flights to other parts of the country to attend conferences and workshops. 746 more words


Los Modernos

They’re getting married.
They’re doing something that’s never done.
They’re having children.
They’re approaching pinnacles of life.

They’re buying batteries.

They’re doing what anyone can do. 43 more words


People Are Strange

There I was, minding my own business just as the concert was about to begin, when all of a sudden Andre the Giant sat down in front of me with his mother in tow. 625 more words