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Stalin Empowers Women

From a Chinese language blog:

In the 1930’s, Joseph Stalin was in-charge of the USSR.  At this time he sought to empower Soviet women by encouraging them not to wear ‘bourgeois’ and ‘sexist’ make-up, and to participate in all areas of the workforce as full citizens equal to their male counter-parts.   67 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Something to celebrate

In a nation of 1.25 billion it has now become not only acceptable but also sth to be celebrated that the richest Indian now owns almost 20% of the the national assets. 168 more words

Make Labor Great Again

In the past few months to a year, I’ve become a lot more interested in ideas like class struggle, class consciousness, and the rights of the working class, both in America and abroad. 1,299 more words

Artifice Walk

boxed wine served in a bottle
surrounded by framed intent on a wall



Woke Proletariat Waiting for Another Chris Hedges Article

If I have to play chicken with a hip 58-year-old
riding a classically gentrified Triumph at an all-way stop
on my way to Costco again



Global 1%.

First world bourgeois leftists feel an inordinate amount of anger and resentment at the slightly more privileged.

Bourgeoisie - Trust Fund Debauchery

I was using the YouTube app on my Xbox the other day, letting autoplay take control and listening to various synthwave or retrowave tracks at random. 204 more words