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Makeup Empties #1

Who else feels highly accomplished in life when they finish a product?!
Especially finishing makeup products makes me feel really good about myself, sort of like: “See! 443 more words


BB or CC Cream? L.A. Girl vs. Bourjois

When it comes to daily makeup, every morning I only have 20 minutes to do everything from skincare to draw a perfect pair of brows. For working mom with kids, or just a lazy morning, or if you’re like me who actually waits for my skincare to sink in… a multi-tasking cream is a God’s blessing. 592 more words

Beauty Reports


Now, if you’re like me and not very good at applying eyeliner, well I’ve found the go to liner for you. I’ve been using eyeliner on and off for about 4 years, and most eyeliners I’ve tried are… 440 more words


My Current Top 3 Most-Used Foundations

Foundations are the one beauty product that I usually do a lot of research before purchasing; I very rarely make an impulse purchase of foundations as compared to other beauty products like eyeshadows or lipsticks. 380 more words


Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher '74- Rose Ambre' | Review and Swatches

Hey guys,

I recently went on a Superdrug spending spree. This happens everytime I go in there for one thing, and I get so caught up with the offers I end up walking out with a lot more than I anticipated! 380 more words


Bourjois Nude Sensation #41 Nude Claire

Сьогодні, мої любі красуні, ми будемо тестувати тонуючий мусс від моєї улюбленої марки декоративної косметики Буржуа. Цей засіб на нашому ринку уже близько року, проте великої кількості якісних та зрозумілих відгуків українською на просторах інтернету і досі немає.



This is a blog on my contour experimenting. I think contour is the ultimate form of trickery. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, should we really want to change the shape of our faces? 381 more words