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What percentage of the population is comprised of paid for government agents?

If it were….5% let’s say. Would you know? Could you know?

How many unactivated sleeper agents live in your hive? Waiting for a call, or a code- I don’t know how Bourne Identity these guys are- and then Bam, the guy who walks by your office every day at your lunch break with his New Balance 407s and his snicker doodle noodle poodle whatever-the-hell little kick-a-pooch he’s got, is giving his boss information about some guy in your office building who he shoots the shit with. 357 more words

Jason Bourne

I need to preface this review with the fact that I absolutely love the original Bourne films. They are amongst some of my favourite films ever, and I firmly believe that The Bourne Ultimatum is the best spy-action-thriller film I have ever seen. 385 more words

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