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So I spent 3 months or so directing, producing, writing and editing this short documentary on live action role playing event called Empire, organised by Profound Decision. Enjoy!


Things that make me feel like having butterflies in my stomach😇 I love small airports. I …

I love small airports. I believe they are wonderful creations of God, made solely for the purpose of teaching big airports a thing or two about how airports are meant to be. 27 more words

A Wild Dog Return: Community Conservation

When most people think about Wildlife Conservation, immediately you think about the animals. However what has struck me most about being here in Somkhanda is that the only way conservation can truly work, is through people. 812 more words


Top Tips for the Job Hunt

So you’ve finished university, hopefully got a great degree and some amazing memories to leave with, congratulations! But your parents are breathing down your neck and every time they come home you’re still in your pajamas, crisp crumbs all down your front – hardly the image of grad life you had in your mind. 730 more words

Bournemouth University

Another Chapter Comes to an End

After months of (quite literal) blood, sweat and tears, I just uploaded gigabytes worth of files for my final course submission. Because after 11 months,  190 more words


Lifestyle | Surviving my first year of university | Tips

I started university in September 2014, a year later than most of my friends. Not because I travelled around Europe, or found myself in Thailand, or even because I did a ski season in France. 1,306 more words

A Wild Dog Return: Scatman

Waking up in the darkness and heading out into Somkhanda, it feels like only yesterday that I was last doing this. The first morning full of new sights, smells and sounds. 904 more words