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Diploma in hand...

So I’m officially a graduate of Bournemouth University, science and technology department. I’m suppose to be making something of my life, going out there and doing things with my degree, but that’s not happening. 463 more words

Bournemouth Freshers Guide | What To Do This Term

Moving away from home can be really daunting.

Everything and everyone around you during freshers is new, and you don’t really know what to expect. So here are a few ideas of things to do during your first few weeks in Bournemouth whilst you’re missing the familiarity of home. 435 more words


RAG Conference 2017

Hey gang! So it will be news to many of you that this year I am one of the new Overseas Co-Ordinators at Bournemouth RAG. 414 more words


Salzburg Global Seminar Academy 2017: My Video Diary

Below you can watch the video of my reflections on being part of the 11th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change 16/07/2017-05/08/2017.

Video Diary created for the Global Horizon Funding program at Bournemouth University.

Bournemouth University

The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change 2017

Between the 16th July and the 5th August, I’ve had a once in a lifetime experience at the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. This year’s Academy focused on the issues of Populism and Extremism in which 83 participants from over 25 different nations came together to tackle the problems. 1,045 more words

First blog post (because I'm lazy and didn't want to make use of my imagination)

I can do better than that, I promise.

First things first, I’m twenty one years old, and I have just graduated from my Multimedia Journalism course at Bournemouth University. 215 more words

Bournemouth University

UPDATE : Summary of the Last Year + what I learnt from my first year at Uni

Hello again :)

So what HAVE I actually been up to over the last year ??? If you want the short answer …so much !! However if you want the painfully long winded and detailed version then stick around folks ;) 402 more words