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Day 20

It’s Wednesday 17th June. It’s a chill morning, the air feels fresh and clean from last night’s rain. Shuhayan is singing “Love me Do” and I wake up with a smile, waiting to see what today is going to bring. 672 more words

Bournemouth University

Book Cover - 3rd Year BA English Assignment

As part of a unit entitled ‘Writing, Editing, and Publishing’ as part of my final year on my BA, a task was to create a book cover, blurb, biography, marketing plan and press release for an upcoming, fictional book. 104 more words

Day 19

It’s Tuesday 16th June. The sun is shining from early morning which means that the day is going to be pretty hot. As some of the roofs of Sadhana Forest’s huts have been changed, now it’s time to pile all of the old roofs and bring them to the forest as they will be used when mulching the trees. 546 more words

Bournemouth University

Day 18

It’s Monday 15th June. My hands are finally feeling strong enough to roll up my sleeves and join one of the teams going to the forest. 436 more words

Bournemouth University

Day 17

It’s Sunday 14th June. Sunday is quite a calm day in Auroville, only a few cafes and shops are open so one needs to plan their time carefully and try not to leave any unfinished business for Sunday. 457 more words

Bournemouth University

Day 16

It’s Saturday 13th June. I love the luxury of sleeping till 9am during the weekends (Sadhana Forest’s policy is to serve breakfast at 9.15 am on Saturday & Sunday). 558 more words

Bournemouth University

Day 15

It is Friday 12th June. One of my favorite days in the community. Every Friday as part of Sadhana Forest’s Eco Film Club the community screens educational films addressing different issues and topics related to Sadhana Forest’s activities such as unschooling and the disappearance of bees in America. 650 more words

Bournemouth University