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The Hoards Came! So did the Hordes!

Last Wednesday nearly one hundred Volunteers and special guests crowded in to the Lecture Hall for a special Volunteer event. Richard Henry, Wiltshire Finds Liaison Officer,  presented one of our  Collections in Focus Lectures – Hoards from Wiltshire, prior to our forthcoming exhibition: Hoards: A Hidden History of Ancient Britain (13 October). 292 more words


PREVIEW: Varsity is back!

Available to view via ‘On The Scene Mag’ at: http://onthescenemag.co.uk/preview-solent-uni-vs-bournemouth-uni

The biggest sporting event of the university calendar is now less than a month away, with one of the South Coast’s greatest rivalries going head to head again. 775 more words


A Graphology Dilemma

Graphology, the study of writing, today it is an incredibly experimental science and when used in forensics it is rather interesting. Psychologists claim that by reading only a persons handwriting we can determine some truly impressive things, including gender, Age and emotion. 734 more words


The Polygraph Fallacy

Polygraph tests, one of the greatest debates of controversy for the scientific community. Yet overwhelmingly over embellished by the media. A polygraph or lie detector is a machine that can register a person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and level of perspiration, the concept is that when you lie you display faster heart rate, increased perspiration, higher and blood pressure (a stress response) and in many cases this is true. 640 more words


Alt. Discovery

Hey milklets!

So I have an awesome announcement for you guys! I have been selected to be a part of the Nerve FM weeks that the student radio at Bournemouth University have been allowed to do. 239 more words


Curious as to how spinal manipulation works? Help us find out by applying to do this exciting PhD!

PhD Studentship – Biomechanical Effects of Spinal Manipulation – a Feasibility Study

I’m delighted to be part of the supervisory team on this exciting new PhD project collaboration between Bournemouth University and AECC University College aimed at improving our understanding of the mechanism of spinal manipulation in the treatment of back pain. 11 more words

Mechanical Effects Of SMT

The Passion Problem Documentary

So, the final product! Here’s the intro bit…

Connor Tracy explores whether believing you must achieve a passion as a career could be a mental health risk for some young people. 36 more words