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Radio Documentary

Social media is the quickest and most effective way to communicate in our world. It is so effective in fact, that it has become children’s main and sometimes only form of communication and interaction. 29 more words


Recent developments

The christmas period is now officially over so now it is back to editing the radio documentary into a 7 minute final piece.

After getting feedback from my tutor about my rough cut, I have decided to switch parts of the narrative around so that the piece flows better. 64 more words

Diary Entries

Please don't look at me right now...

So I made it ‘home’ for Christmas, well rather the father and his partners place.

One of my brothers has come down for the festives and a whole bunch of the father’s partners family – who I now refer to as my in-laws on occasion, just to make explanations and what not easier, when talking about them – have come down on Christmas eve. 423 more words

Can't stop now, just because of boredom...

Ah the Christmas season, time for joy and merriment and family and apparently for me, stress, lots and lots of stress. The only thing going good for at the moment is that my skin as been usually clear, I mean it could be because I’m actually using skin care products regularly or it could just be some good luck, but either way I’m happy about it. 248 more words

Bournemouth University: what makes it "kick-ass"?

So, I did it! I got my place on the Multimedia Journalism course at BU. I battled through Freshers’ Week (after, in typical “me” fashion I contracted the dreaded Freshers’ Flu on the second day – it is NOT a myth and you WILL get it) and threw myself into the work, which I love doing. 565 more words

Bournemouth University

My first day at Bournemouth University!

I know I am writing this in November, but this post is about my first day at Bournemouth University back in September!

So, on the 17th September 2016, I packed my bags and left the comfort net of Surrey, the comfort net of my family and friends and the comfort net of everything I was used to. 870 more words

Week 17 Ethics Questions

What sorts of verification and accuracy standards are appropriate for material gathered on social networks?

Journalists have to be careful when selecting news and check whether a user is legitimate or not, this is due to many social networking sites having hardly any moderation to what people post, upload or tweet. 1,090 more words

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